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Tati sneaks up on the market with her own makeup line

There had been talks and some random speculation that Tati Westbrook of GlamLifeGuru on YouTube (one of the only large YouTubers I am still subscribed too) would be releasing her own makeup line. Those rumours didn’t last though, and we were left with Laura Lee, Manny and Jaclyn H with their promises of their own life changing line.

It has to be said, okay we get it guys, you can get your names on packaging now, and I dont want to take anyones dreams away, reach for the stars! but…. How many brands can the market handle? Should we have expected people to perhaps collaborate on one company? It may have been more successful, and the capital funding would have likely been higher.

ANYWHOO back to the reason you came which was the details on Tati. We don’t know much but we know it’s coming and within a month or two. Thank you for not doing what everyone else has been doing and been dropping hints for years and years. I hope it’s been in production for awhile, and we are going to reap the benefits.

I will post more details as I find them!

4 thoughts on “Tati sneaks up on the market with her own makeup line”

    1. Woo pills that probably don’t do anything! There is another post coming. I’m annoyed that someone who gets Botox and wears hair extensions and gets a weekly manicure is putting out a hair nails and skin magic pill.

      The magic pill is… wait for it

      Money 💵💸💰💳💴💶💷

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