Full Face of Products I Hate | Collab with Beauty by Kandi

Happy March 1st everyone, I disappeared on a weekday. I know right? How could I. This week has been an intense one, and my sleep schedule has been a write off. Excuses excuses.

There are a bunch of ideas swirling in my head, on what I want to write about for the rest of this week, and yes the rest of the Wet n Wild reviews are coming from my video on the weekend. However today is going to be a post of me ranting away about my night and how YouTube sometimes gets the best of me.

My friend Kandice and I (Team CKandice Woo!) decided I we were going to do a collaboration video on a full face of products that we hate/dislike, and post it last night. Me being the exceptionally organized person that I am, failed to make enough time on the weekend to actually film this video and go about my day, so I had to film, edit and upload all in one night, (last night).

Already being exhausted, I was moving pretty slowly and watching Kandice’s video first because she was able to get her shit together and get hers up before mine. Then I realize it’s not working, the audio is off, and I can’t get it to go past 33 seconds. Begrudgingly I let her know, as I don’t want to be the one to deliver the bad news. It is now live and working, so you should check her out. She’s funny, brilliant charming and sweet. Just like me. Humble too. Please subscribe to her if you like her content, it would mean the world to both of us, and she is pretty fantastic and genuine.

Fast forward to filming, and the editing done, I’m hitting upload with glee well past my bed time. I bound to my bed, jump in for my short winters nap before my alarm screeches my brain back to reality. Well. It didn’t so much work out like that. At 2 am, Diesel is laying beside my bed crying his eyes out (he’s a dog and he cries when he wants attention, I don’t have a baby laying on the floor crying and if I did I would probably have more questions than you right now.) I get up to let him out, and check my phone to see that multiple people have commented that the video does NOT WORK PAST 33 SECONDS!

I will never sleep knowing this, so I go into my office, and start to re-upload everything to make sure it works. Upload button depressed, and back in bed, after fetching Diesel from outside. Continue to stare at the ceiling for an hour, and contemplate why YouTube wants to challenge me so. I am convinced that it’s not me, it’s them. I fall asleep for one hour before my alarm headbutts me back into my office, ONLY TO SEE THAT THE UPLOAD HAS FAILED BECAUSE IT WAS A DUPLICATE. Which it doesn’t tell you until the upload is completely done.

So. Here we are. No pants, hair a mess, 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I have 30 mins to get my ass pulled together and be out the door for work, and this bitch doesn’t want to work. Yeah I swore, deal wit it. Fast as lightening I delete it all and hit re-upload again. I have lost the views and comments it did have and now I am very sad, however it seems to be working. Hope you enjoyed my epic story on how  YouTube tries my patience!

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7 thoughts on “Full Face of Products I Hate | Collab with Beauty by Kandi”

  1. I’ll try watching again tonight. Was so bummed it wasn’t working last night as I was loving your “eat shit” grin in the thumbnail. 😂

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