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Wear What you Want | You CAN Pull That Off

Time for another rant, and this one has been a long time coming. One of the most frustrating things I see in this community is “Oh I could never pull that off” or “Oh man I love that but I would be too scared to wear it.”images

We constantly preach about how we need to be accepting of all, and equal treatment etc, but the amount of women who are AFRAID to go outside wearing something they like for fear of backlash is a THING. It’s a REAL THING.

This may not be my most popular post and is likely an unpopular opinion, but there has to be something going on here. I have asked why in when someone has been deemed “brave” for leaving the house with a red lip. It makes the word “brave” lose its meaning for me, and really chaps my ass. The answer I typically get is “oh I’m just an introvert/insecure/people are mean” etc.

So there is no confusion I completely understand some people prefer to live as a wallflower, they do not want to bring attention to themselves at all. Which I can get down with. I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a person who wants to be the center of attention either. Speak on it girl.

The point of this rambly post? WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. The amount of times I have gone out, wearing unconventional makeup/lipstick and no one has looked at me or said a damn word is countless. Not to mention the times I do this, and I get compliments from strangers. 300% more compliments on my makeup than a regular day. (<—-This is a proven statistic from scientists).GksBP.jpg

If you don’t want to wear bright green eyeshadow, or blue lipstick, that is perfectly okay. But if you do, please DO IT. Do not fear people in public commenting, because I can tell you from experience – They don’t care. If they do care? Not your problem, that’s their problem.

There is no “pulling something off” It’s either on your face or it isn’t. Know what you like and what works for you, and go with that. If you like something and you think you aren’t pulling it off, change the undertone, because that’s probably what you are seeing that you don’t like.

I wish you all to do you, and do it well. Be happy, and wear whatever you want!



32 thoughts on “Wear What you Want | You CAN Pull That Off”

  1. Due to my recent start on my journey, I have had many in my community ask why I am re-experimenting with makeup at my age. They look at me, with my “crazy” makeup I have been playing with, and wonder what I am doing . . . “You’re in your 30’s, isn’t it time to calm down a bit?”.

    That is this small religious community though. When I go to the big city and shop, I get compliments out the wazoo. Makes the effort more fun.

    I enjoy the makeup for me, not for anyone else.

    I agree with your statements here, and hope other readers get the message and try some things out for themselves. Even if it is just wearing it at home, to start.

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    1. I completely agree, I’m 32 and consistently wear bright makeup/colours to work at my office job and no one cares ,no one comments or looks. They just go about their day because it’s just makeup, and makeup is awesome and a point of creativity. I live in a very small town (albeit not specifically religious) and I don’t get comments/looks, and same goes for working in Toronto.
      Thank you so much for reading, and seeing where I was going with this! We have to do what we want!

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      1. I’m also 32, and recently have been doing more bold looks. And of course people here at work always ask me why am I just now getting into makeup lol but then some other ladies all want to know what products I use ha ha.

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  2. I’ll be the first to admit I’m absolutely guilty of this but I’m really working to try and break that. Bright colors are terrifying to me! Just looking at a palette with bright shades spikes my anxiety through the roof because if one person even looks at me my brain goes off in a million different directions. If a stranger speaks to me in public, I’m also probably stuttering over myself before I run away (I’m working on it). Anyway, I’ve also never had a job where I could get away with a bright fun colored look. I tend to push it as far as I can on a daily basis but have to do so in a more neutral way. I think this also makes a big influence on my makeup choices since I don’t leave my house often unless I’m going work. I’ve finally pushed myself to wear bright lipstick but working on the rest. Baby steps I suppose.

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    1. It’s about what you’re comfortable with for sure. But unless you are working somewhere where makeup is outside the dress code you should be more than fine to wear it.

      I want to see people doing what they love as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

      Baby steps try some coloured liner on the lower lash line

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  3. I love this! Although I have to say I’m one of those people who are too scared to wear stuff out of the house. Sometimes when I’m wearing a wacky (for me) shade of lipstick, I can’t tell if I don’t want to leave the house with it because it’s wacky or because it doesn’t look good on me, haha.

    I think part of it is just getting used to the way something looks on yourself, too. Like you might be scared to wear blue eyeshadow out of the house because it looks foreign to yourself in the mirror, and so you might think other people will think it’s weird, too.

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  4. Amen! Totally agree with you. There is no such thing as pulling things off: you just go for it. And like you, my experience has been nothing but positive responses when you do push those boundaries.

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  5. YAS PREACH!! I wear blue, purple, black lipstick even and people have made snarky comments but its never stopped me! I agree wear whatever you want! life is to short to worry about everyone else.

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  6. It frustrates me at work to hear that. Some people flat out refuse to even TRY a “bold” color because they’re afraid to try. Like, just try it. At the end of the day, it’s just make-up and it comes off. I’m an introvert as well, but my rainbow hair will live on lmao. I’m In all seriousness though, I think it’s because people are too concentrated on what other people will think, and not how they feel about how they look.

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  7. YES YES YES!!! I used to be that way but as I’ve gotten older, the less f**ks I give and do what I damn well please. I’ve worn black lipstick to work and surprisingly no one said anything. I’m a Leo so I like attention for the most part. I was tempted last month to wear my shimmery blue lip color to Rays Fanfest, but changed my mind at the last minute only because I knew I was going to eat after and that shit gets glitter everywhere all over my mouth if I do more than drink through a straw. 😂

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  8. I prefer to be a wallflower! 😛 BUT attention just comes to me, honest.
    My SO hates red lipstick and out of respect for him, I don’t wear it when it’s just him and I. But I wear it when I’m going off to work or not around him. I think it’s a good compromise.
    You do make a good point about tweaking things to suit yourself. I used to not wear orange-y or copper tones on my eyes because they look weird on me, but I learned to tone them down a bit with a neutral and now they look fine. I blame it on getting my “colours” done and they said I was a “Winter”. 😆

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    1. Haha I’m all the seasons baby! I DO believe in personal preference my peeve is really just people giving up before they even start I guess? Just assuming it’s too much for them


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