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The Makeup Mess Tag

To My Fellow Youtubers: Are you seeing random subscriber dumps all of a sudden? Where you lose a few subs an hour? I am… Just wondering if its me/my content or YouTube is doing another fake account dump. Let me know!

Over the weekend I made some connections via Instagram and ended up doing The Makeup Mess Tag with Beauti by Angela.

This tag was created by Spooky Lips Fat Hips, and if you like to follow real women on YouTube shes going to be right up your ally.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy our videos!

10 thoughts on “The Makeup Mess Tag”

    1. I’m kind of annoyed with it at this point I have gained multiple subs based on my email in the last two weeks and every time I get an email the actual number drops lol like it’s a reverse affect. 🤦🏻‍♀️


  1. I get that on my Instagram. I’ll break 2200 followers then all of a sudden I’m back down to 2190 or less. It’s weird & frustrating. Or I get people who follow me but I don’t follow them back so
    They unfollow me. Yo IG Is not a popularity contest. I don’t do follow for follow. If I thing your IG is interesting I’ll follow. 🙄

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