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Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!

This is an interesting theory which I have never really thought about until recently, and now I feel like I have been sucked in without even noticing it. I wish I could remember who originally came up with this theory but I know it was a YouTuber, and if I can ever find them I will come back and update that info.

BUT. What is the Pop? It’s that one – four shades that sucks you into that palette full of browns and neutrals. This immediately makes us feel like we HAVE to buy these products and they are brand new and we couldn’t possibly be able to have this in our collection somewhere else… What is this you say? This couldn’t possible be happening! Let me show you….

Do you see whats happening here? When I originally found this my mind was blown, so the next time you are hitting that makeup aisle, cover up the brights… and see if you already have that palette in your collection, because I bet you do!

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25 thoughts on “Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!”

  1. I was at Ulta tonight & was eyeing a palette from ColourPop. Like seriously thinking of breaking my palette no-buy for it. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized I had those exact same shades (or pretty damn close) in my Sedona Lace & Lorac Unzipped palettes. So it didn’t come home with me.

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      1. Truth. I did get a liquid shadow from Models Own that is like nothing I had (which is rare). Gonna play with it tomorrow. Got a small collective haul going up on the blog Monday or Tuesday.


  2. Good marketing catch. 🙂 I’ve noticed a similar thing in clothing stores, and maybe you have, too – you’ll walk in and see a rack of tees in a rainbow’s worth of colours. It’s so beautiful, you want them all! Then you buy a couple and get home and you’re all, “Huh, well, this is a black tee and this is a pink tee, and it’s not quite as cool as when I was in the store surrounded by the entire rainbow of colours.” That rainbow of choice dazzles us a bit, draws us in like magpies. Only works if you buy the entire rack of colours, which I guess is precisely what they want!

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