My Palette Collection

My apologies for two video posts in such quick succession, however I need to call out my failure in time management this weekend. I managed to take little to no blog pictures, as well as instagram photots. I slept in both days, and I normally take all my required photos between 6am and 8am on Saturday’s and Sundays.

However, I did managed to film a ton of videos, one of which is my palette collection, and something I have been promising to provide an update on for about a month now. So here she be!

Hopefully back to regular scheduled programming ASAP!

7 thoughts on “My Palette Collection”

  1. You are the Princess of Palettes Candice! I think we missed an opportunity though … you should have been filmed when you were packing up house and had to select only 6-8 palettes to survive on for the week leading into the big move. That would have been funny … in a sadistic sort of way. 😉

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