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This week on Trendmood1 | Carts & Farts

Welcome back to another edition of Cart or Fart! I lose my interest in Trendmood every so often because there is only so many warm toned shadows, and buttery bronzers I can look at as new releases, and react in a surprised way. Eventually all I can think is ‘alright, next please’, and then I just stop checking entirely.

However I think it’s time to discuss whats going in my Cart, and what’s being directed into the Doo Doo bowl.

IMG_7652ColourPop Spring Release Pretty Fly

Destination: Cart

I have no intention of picking up the lipsticks, but the set of six super shock shadows, the blush duos, and the set of ‘lippie’ stix (I shouldn’t buy them just for that name alone, but ce la vie) have piqued my interest and I want to see what they can do for me.

Urban Decay Hi Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Glossimg_7653.png

Destination: Fart 

Definitely a fart, based on formula alone, I would buy these if it was three years ago, and then I would use them twice remember that I hate lip gloss, toss it into the lip product drawer and then de-clutter it three years later in a sequel to this video. The shade range is obviously very well done, but the formula? No-Down with gloss. I also have to ask, how is this a cushion product? Someone explain these things to me. I will also give them 10 points for some very nice packaging. This is what they should have done for the Vice Liquid Lipsticks in my opinion.

IMG_7654Mac Collab with @padmalakshmi

Destination: Fart

Although this collection looks beautiful, I am going to have to again… make a pass…. of wind. If you take out the pop of green and the pop of blue in both quads, we are again left with two neutral palettes that are easily dupeable. Not to mention the face products have also been done. This product can also have 10 mystery points for packaging, but I don’t think it’s for me.

Kl Polish- Ms. Kensingtonimg_7656.png

Destination: Cart

I have not the faintest idea what attracts me to this polish, but I LOVE it. I will have to take a guesstimate that it’s because I do not have this shade in my collection of 100+ nail polishes, and now it’s “my precious”. Good greens in nail polish are as hard to find as good purples in eye shadow. It’s like the anomaly of the beauty world.  You will be mine my pretty.

There have been tons of posts lately with the spring lines coming out, please let me know how you feel about these cart or fart posts, and I can update a few times a week with all new products. 🙂

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