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5 Tips for Getting and Keeping a Great Lash Tech

Good morning all, I have had some questions from my readers/subscribers about eyelash extensions. Although I am not a professional on the subject I have had some experiences and have a lash tech in the family, so I have culminated some thoughts on the best way to get and keep a good lash tech, and have an overall positive experience.

Search out your style 8b8b79ea022b463e0769ab958ecf5c2f

There are many different styles of lash you can have done, but some are not for the faint of heart. I have had all the way from basic natural (13mm) to super huge Russian volume (18mm). Do some research on style before you go, and when you find the lash tech you are interested in, make sure you have an open conversation with them about what you want. You wouldn’t typically go to a  hair dresser and tell them to just “do whatever you want”. The lash needs to fit your style, day to day life, and be something you can maintain between fills.

Do Your Research 

Hopefully this tip is what brought you here.

Some things to consider…. Do you want to go to someones home? What availability will they have? Price points? Does the salon charge a premium? Will the fill cost you more than the original set? Does this person have a back up or delegate if they are away?

This is another one that seems obvious, but make sure the person you are going to is actually a licensed lash tech. Just because someone can stick an extension to your lash, does not a great lash tech make. I would also suggest asking for a consultation with who you are interested in to make sure 1. your lashes can support the style you are looking for, and 2. they are working in a clean professional environment. These are your lashes you are talking about, they are the closest things to your eyes without actually being your retina.

pexels-photo-179909.jpegBe on Time

This is such a pet peeve of mine, on both sides of the fence. It’s VERY disrespectful to be late for an appointment, and can throw off client experiences for the rest of the day. It can affect your lash techs business in a considerable manner. Punctuality seems like such a minor factor in being a good client, and being able to have the service provided to you in a proper and timely manner. Your tech may also choose to cancel your appointment if you are more than a few minutes late. This  is sometimes their only option not to negatively impact their business, and continue excellent quality for you and the rest of their clients. The other option is they do rush your appointment and you are no longer getting the quality of lash fill/set you wanted, leading to a horrible experience in the end.

 Have Realistic Expectations and Know the Warning Signs

I have a few friends/followers who are lash techs as well as my cousin, and the most common gripes I hear are about customers who don’t align their expectations with what their lashes can support. “Sure just give me some 22mm full russian volume”,… “but hun you only have about 30 lashes, I think Natural is the way to go”. LISTEN to your tech, if they make a recommendation, it’s not going to be out of laziness or time constraints 99% of the time. They are telling you what they are telling you because they have seen what weighing down real lashes will do. They are trying to maintain your natural lash line and minimize damage, so LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.

If you start to feel irritation on your lashes, or you see that your natural lashes areCoffeeShop Storyboard 17.jpg starting to fall out. Do not get them filled, go see a professional and have your extensions removed properly, do not cut or pull them off, this will cause further damage. Professional techs can remove without distressing the lash line further. Extensions can detach from your natural lashes, but if you are having clusters fall out, or your lashes are snapping off, its time for a break. As with anything, there can be issues with a bad tech, or a bad lash extension install.

It should be one natural lash to one extension, if that is not how your lashes are being done…. GET OUT NOW.

Don’t Leave your Fill too Long

I am the worst for this, not to the extent I have seen, but I know how time consuming the fill process can be, and sometimes I don’t realize how bad they are until I get back to my tech, and she gives me the stink eye. Then we have conversations about this kind of extensive regrowth! IMG_2235

Sorry Jess, I didn’t do it on purpose! This is my favourite thing about having a tech in the family, she gives me honest feedback, and tips on how to elongate the life of each set, and when I should really be coming back.

Make sure you keep them clean, and brush them a few times a day. Seems silly, but people forget how much sludge can get caught up in your natural lashes. makeup build up, mascara gunk from lower lashes, sleep, dust etc.If you want to dip a lash wand in some oil free micellar water or saline, this will definitely help retain the life of your lashes.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone looking to have extensions done, or who have them now and just aren’t sure about them.

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