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Boxycharm in Canada | March Baecation

Let’s start off this week with some Monday motivation! I hit a few milestones on the weekend and I am so eternally grateful to this community. 3000 Instagram followers, and I just hit 2700 subscribers on YouTube. I will be doing a giveaway once I hit 3000 (which will be a totally new milestone for me) so if you are not subscribed, and would like to be please Subscribe here! and feel free to say hello! 

Boxycharm must be hearing my war cries on how they need to improve. Because they certainly have. This month for $21 USD, they have sent out five full size products, and are all of varying awesomeness.

Check out my video for the overall thoughts on the box! Next months spoiler: There is one of five Colourop palettes coming to each Charmer.

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8 thoughts on “Boxycharm in Canada | March Baecation”

      1. I was thinking of asking for a giftcard visa, I just need to double check if it would work, some sites don’t accept them. I might just ask my bestie too, haha. Or I can just get myself another present. We just wont tell anyone it was me.

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