What’s on Sale and Worth it?

Ever since I have started this “only buy what is unique to my collection” brigade. I have been avoiding the sale page at Sephora. However I used to do these posts and some may find them helpful.  So here are 5 products I have or would pick up!

Please take these posts with a grain of salt, what is of value to me, may not be of value to you, not to mention we all need to keep the general idea of “How not to blow your wad on Makeup” in the back of our minds.

URBAN DECAY UD x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow s2039402-main-zoomPalette

Sale price: $25

I had resolved that I would not be picking up this palette, the way it’s laid out actually hurts my brain. However, I did a video many moons ago about products that I was sucked in by the packaging, so as much as I am pulled in by it, apparently I can also be pushed away by it. After I got over that and saw it on sale, I decided to pick this up at 50% off, and can actually say how impressed I am with this. It’s probably one of the better UD palettes in YEARS.

URBAN DECAY UD x Kristen Leanne Daydream Eyeshadow Palette


Sale Price $17.50

I was on the fence about picking this one up too, but this was more in regards to the failure of quality for UD in the past few releases. This palette is five matte shades that are curated to work together for more neutral looks. I was also impressed by this palette and would recommend it for someone who wants to make their first foray into high end makeup. I am happy to have these at a sale price, however it leads me to believe that the launch did not go as planned for KL and that’s disappointing from one YouTuber to another.

OLE HENRIKSEN 12 Days of OLE Glow™ Skincare Advent Calendarole.jpg

Sale Price: $59

Ole Henriksen, is probably the best skincare line out there (that I have tried). This is a great way to try a handful of their products without spending 100’s and 100’s of dollars. The sheer transformation moisturizer has changed my life a million times over. Although the packaging is Christmas themed, at the end of the day we are throwing it out anyway, and what better way than a sampler to try out so many fantastic products at a discounted price?

s1710995-main-zoom.jpgKAT VON D Metal Crush Eyeshadow

Sale Price : $15 each

The website has had these on for awhile in the sale section which makes me believe there is going to be a reformulation for these singles. If you missed out on the metal matte palette, these are the metal shadow formula that was used and raved about. I realized there aren’t many colour options left, but they have been pulsing different shades in and out of the selectable options so all is not lost, and its a great way to pick up something you may have missed out on .

What would you pick up from the sale page?  Do you prefer Sephora or Ulta? Someone tell me! Also would you be interested in a review of the Kristen Leanne collab palettes? Or has too much time passed?

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time!




16 thoughts on “What’s on Sale and Worth it?”

      1. Haha, good try. I’m rather enjoying being an observer!

        So I ended up ordering the Kaleidoscope Dream palette but not the Daydream palette since I just recently opened the Viseart Neutral Matte palette that I had sitting unopened in my stash for AGES and I think I’m pretty well covered on the matte neutral shadow front. I did end up adding the Bun Bun Vice Lipstick in my cart – it was only $11, how can I refuse? I was *this* close to picking up one of the random colours of the KVD Metal Brush shadow (gold or red… only 2 options remaining) but I had to reel myself back in! Online shopping is so dangerous…

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  1. I actually really wanted the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Palette too. I was putting some things on my list last night, and this was one of them. The KVD eyeshadow pots too. The Ole H kit seems like a nice deal too, I didn’t even see that.

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  2. I’ve been wanting the Becca Lightchaser highlight in Opal Flashes Jade (you know I’m a sucker for the duochrome crap), but it’s always sold out and I can’t find in-store either. Thinking these have been discontinued.

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