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Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media

Everyone deals with this. Anyone who blogs or puts themselves out there, there will always be haters and people who will only comment on the negatives and things they don’t like. I have been asked before why I leave these comments on my pages so what a better way to bring in the month than a post on mean or rude comments on social media and how I choose to overcome them.

When I first started being active in the social media world, I hadn’t really thought about the nasty things people might say to me. There is a disclaimer to this post. You can handle negativity and nasty comments however you please, I have a pretty thick skin when outside attacks occur. If my ways don’t work for you please don’t do that, do what works for you.

I always leave them, I do not block or delete

This has always been my reaction from day one. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if we don’t agree. I will always agree that they have the right to have their voice heard. No deletion will occur of the comment, and I will not block the user. No matter what, even if they are a return hater, at least I can thank them for their watch time,view and engagement. It all helps me reach the audience I want to interact with in the end.

Do Not Stoop to their Level 


Always respond, but don’t engage in their nonsense. I have been told I am too fat to wear make up, and other subscribers/viewers have come to my defense, and in turn attacking the original commenter. It’s not that I don’t appreciate this, because I do, I actually find it endearing. In the end though, it’s fruitless, you will never change this persons mind, nor have an enlightening conversation. They are going to be set in their ways and their opinions. I will almost always respond and be respectful. Even in the middle of an argument that they are normally having alone, I will continue to respond in a respectful way.

Rise Above and Have Realistic Expectations


No one likes being called names and no one likes to be criticized. Being on social media there is an automatic assumption that not everyone will agree with what you have to say, and that Trolls are a thing. Not the sweet fluffy haired kind either. I’m talking about the ones who sit behind their computer with empty bags of chips, and cheese dust smeared in their hair. (At least that’s how I like to picture them). With these people, no matter who or what you are putting out in the world, they will hate on it. Consider the source and move on.

The most important thing when being involved on social media is that YOU are happy with your content, and YOU  enjoy the regular people you are interacting with. It can’t be about the fans, and it can’t be about the views/subscriber counts. This is something you should be doing because you enjoy it. there will always be someone out there who wants to throw a bucket of water on your fire. So. Be a grease fire, and let that water roll right off you!

Just for fun, here are a few of my faves!

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Thanks for reading everyone, and please don’t let people get you down!


6 thoughts on “Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media”

  1. lol people get butthurt over the weirdest things sometimes.

    I don’t think bloggers receive hate messages, but it seems to be a big issue on YouTube. It’s hard to know how you will react to it until it actually happens. I’m glad you don’t delete hate messages, though! I think doing so just shows the trolls that their comments bother you.

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  2. I feel sad for the people who feel they have to be negative and leave nasty comments because they can’t keep an opinion to themselves. People are brave behind a screen but in real life they wouldn’t be able to say that to someone’s face. I never used to think I had an accent either until I realised other people who aren’t from the same country as me call it that 😛

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