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Brands I can’t pull the Trigger on

Everyone has those brands that they never really know how they feel about them. It’s normally for moral reasons, or cruelty free vs not. An issue with an owner, or an altercation in the beauty community that keeps them away. I’m looking at you Doe Deere and JStar. I have been thinking about this lately, and realizing I also have a few brands that I NEVER buy from even though I desperately want to. Why not? Lets find out!


This brand is based in Germany, and their beauty products are amazing. The first blasted on the scene with some amazing reviews for makeup brushes that came in on the less expensive side. Then they started rolling out with all these beautiful palettes and I was hooked. Hooked to looking! I can’t seem to actually hit check out for some reason. The cart abandonment rate on this website for me is at 100%. palettes.PNG

It’s clear that the pricing is reasonable, I have seem many a review and I KNOW they are incredible products. So what is my deal?  Shipping is only about $12, so it’s not that. I can only seem to look at these items and think I already have them, even though I still buy things from here. Maybe it’s an aversion to smaller brands… We will never know.


UGH, the Queen of Hearts palette has been calling me for SO long. I want it so hard, and so fast. I actually was heartbroken when I thought I missed out on it. (It was once limited edition and they have since brought it back). They now also sell it on beauty bay as well, for an extra $20. I want to not be super pissed off with them for that But come on beauty bay. WHY A $20 MARK UP.

coloured raine.PNG

The shipping has a $10 flat rate to Canada, and the brand is cruelty free. ColouredRaine was started by a regular financier who wanted a change in her life, and was always into makeup. I think we can all relate to that.

Now that I have seen the shipping costs, it’s actually edging me more towards hitting that check out button for real this time.

the ordinary.PNG

This one is tough, because the prices are incredible and the brand is award winning on so many levels. Skincare has become more important to me over the last few years, because I can no longer get away with a splash on the face, and not have my face peel off moments later.

I do love the pricing, and that it’s available at Sephora, but they NEVER have everything I want in stock at one time, and if I wait out one product to come back in stock another pops back out. Their pricing ranges around the $5-$15 range for everything in the line, which is incredible. The lack of stock is what makes me hold off on this brand.

Have you tried any of these brands? What was your experience? Give me some recommendations?

Today’s Good News: I am about 98% to my watch time  to be re-monetized, and have really been enjoying being back on YouTube, I wanted to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know that I appreciate every moment you have spent with me over the last three years.


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25 thoughts on “Brands I can’t pull the Trigger on”

  1. I’m with you on two of the three–Coloured Raine and the Ordinary. Although I admit, as I age, the skin care with the Ordinary has me intrigued, I just don’t know enough about acids and stuff to feel comfortable trying to buy that on my own without assistance. I made that mistake once with Pacifica and an all natural cleanser and it took my skin almost six months to heal after using it for only a week. I do, however, love Zoeva. Hate their eyeliners–I prefer a pen as I have oily lids and the pencils slip all over. The brushes were nice, though you can get great ones locally or even through boxycharm without having to pay shipping, etc. But the eyeshadow . . . I absolutely *love* it. I know that I have palettes that have neutrals. But the tones to some of these are fantastic and the duochromes are awesome. They build up nicely, so you can have a subtle work look or a dramatic fun look with one palette. I’ve been waiting for my work bonus to hit, and then I plan on getting more. The Caramel one you have posted don’t interest me so much, but the other two are on my list!!!

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    1. I feel like you articulated my post better than I did lol. I would totally agree that not knowing enough about skin care holds me back with the Ordinary as well, because knowing me and my extra-ness I would end up just totally going mental and buying and using all the things.
      Thanks so much for reading.


  2. Coloured Raine looks so nice! That’s weird that Beauty Bay marked the palette up by a freaking $20 though – I browse Beauty Bay from time to time but have never bought from them, and now it’s got me wondering if they do that with a lot of products.

    I hear ya on The Ordinary…one of my friends was looking for the Rose Hip Oil and it was sold out on their official website, Sephora, The Bay, AND their physical store in Toronto. I’ve had the most luck on their website though – managed to get everything I wanted from the brand in two orders. Plus free shipping if your purchase is over $25, which is not hard to reach.

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  3. I’ve heard that Queen of Hearts palette actually is not very good. I saw a review of it on here awhile back but I forgot who wrote it. But I remember them saying they were disappointed.

    I want to try The Ordinary. I’ll get around to it. With skincare though I prefer buying in stores. I’m weird like that. Plus there some batshit weird drama going on behind the scenes at The Ordinary. Apparently their CEO has gone off the deep end or something. 😶

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  4. I’m the exact same on all of these brands! I have so many zoeva palettes in my cart that I’ve never purchased and I follow coloured Raine on insta but I’ve never bought anything either. It’s so frustrating how the ordinary keeps selling out at Sephora!

    Congrats on getting so close to remonetization on YouTube! I just followed you with my new channel. I have a long way to go but hearing that you’re so close gives me hope 😊

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only mental case around here! Thanks for the subscribe! I will try and find you, or just leave me a link and I will hit you back 🙂 In a nice loving way!


  5. Zoeva is one of those brands that I’ve wanted to for so long that I can’t really explain why I want it anymore. You’re right, all those shades, I probably already own. But I still want!
    Eh, I’m lukewarm about the stuff I’ve tried from The Ordinary. I haven’t found anything that has replaced other HG products – I don’t care if the price is low, if it doesn’t fulfill my skincare needs, it’s not worth it.

    What does that mean about watch time and re-monitizing on YouTube? Anything I can do to help? ie watch your channel more?

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    1. I’ve always been luke warm on skincare in general because I never seem to find anything that truly lasts or makes and standing difference in my life.

      And the monetization rules changed in February… so I have been a YT partner for three years and lost then paid portion (which is not a lot of money by any means) but it was the principles. They changed the rules from 10 000 views to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

      So yes now every view counts! so if you want to watch great but if not please don’t feel forced! Even though I love and miss you daily.

      And your spreadsheets.

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      1. I’ve been on YouTube more lately just naturally since I’ve been doing more knitting! 😛

        Who would have thought people would miss spreadsheets? 😆

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      1. Same! Whenever it comes to skin care, my mind just goes “huh”. Like do I have dry, oily, combo, normal, etc.? I don’t know. I could say it’s sensitive but that’s about it. But it doesn’t help when trying to figure out what to even order.

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  6. I have a review of the Queen of Hearts palette up somewhere, haven’t used it in a while but I remember thinking it’s nice but not really worth the money. I got mine from Beauty Bay in the UK which I think is the only place it’s available in the UK without paying crazy shipping/customs fees so I suspect they have higher prices for all imported stuff but I don’t know how much it retails for elsewhere

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  7. The availability of the Ordinary if awful. I would like to pick up an oil or something while purchasing on feeluniqe or beautybay just to fill up by basket but things are just chronically out of stock for some reason. My only hope is their own website 🙂

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