Palette Releases That Made Me Go Meh

As we all know I am palette crazy, face, eye, butt, whatever.. I want it. I’m not sure what a butt palette is but so help me if it existed I would have it for sure!  After spending so much time on YouTube and on Trendmood1 on instagram, I take in a considerable amount of information on makeup, and new releases.

Then I realized how much wasn’t blowing my skirt up anymore, and some of the tricks that have been up brands sleeves, so I decided to make this video on some of the new releases that made me go “meh” and why I have chosen to pass on them.

What palettes have made you shake your head lately?

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3 thoughts on “Palette Releases That Made Me Go Meh”

  1. I agree with you on all those. Most palette releases now I just go “Meh. Next!” Mostly because I’m really on a palette no-buy (when you have around 40 palettes you don’t need anymore).

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