What happened to our sense of humour?

Somewhere along the line, we as beauty consumers lost our sense of humour, and everything has become a cause, and Tarte is bearing the brunt of it. We all talk a big game about be inclusive and understanding, without jumping to conclusions. Justice is fair, let the system work, be a good person etc etc etc.

It’s just makeup. I can’t say this enough times, IT’S JUST MAKEUP, IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS. No[ one is going to die, and we aren’t curing cancer.

Tarte posted a picture on April Fools day of this ‘Release’ and people went MENTAL. Tartelette Icy Betch.PNG

I have never seen so many ridiculous comments on a post, to the point where the company decided it best to just pull down the photo. A few things

  1. It was April Fools, lots of brands ended up posting joke releases/sales etc. That’s what April Fools is about, its just about a quick jab of comedy or fun. PUR posted a sale for 100% off site wide until noon. No one came after them
  2. Even if you do like the palette and you wish they would actually release it, now with the people so angry that it;s not real Tarte will actually put it into productions.
  3. The name was ‘icy betch’  Of course this wasn’t real! Tarte would never release something like that. They aren’t UD or Nars, where their naming conventions are ridiculous.

If you want to see some tea, go check out the comments on Trendmoods update post on this palette. People are outraged that Tarte was “lying’ ‘false advertising’ ‘this kind of a teaser is just NOT funny’

Get over it guys. It was a joke.

22 thoughts on “What happened to our sense of humour?”

  1. It is a nice palette, but I wouldn’t get angry over it. I don’t think anyone should take anything seriously on april 1st, to be honest.

    I just saw this video a few days ago, and while she is hilarious, it made me sad, because she was getting flack even for that. Can’t even make fun of your own trolls without it being a thing.

    I should have stuck to my no reading youtube comments on vids rule, haha.

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    1. I’ll have to check out that video… I’m so annoyed about this whole thing. I wasn’t going to write about it because I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire but it’s STILL happening so I’m kind of done with it

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  2. I didn’t even know some folks were butt hurt over this!! I quit reading comments on popular Instagram pages a long time ago. I’m so tired of everyone bitching just to bitch. You said it right – Its just makeup!!!!!! Some take it was too seriously. Also, when did everyone get so sensitive that no one can take a joke anymore?

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  3. Wait, I don’t get it. What exactly are people mad about? The fact that this palette isn’t real? I’ve heard some people talking about it since April Fool’s and they seem to say “oh, I’m disappointed it’s not real” but they didn’t seem to be in a complete rage about it. I never saw the original post from Tarte but I didn’t realized it was called Icy Betch until the next day. LOL hilarious that people thought it was real.

    People take makeup WAY too seriously – an eyeshadow palette is nothing to get worked up over.

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    1. No kidding I totally agree. I would direct you to the original post but Tarte had to pull it off because people were so pissed about it not being real. I’m hoping it’s just residual anger about the shade range on shape tape

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  4. OH FFS! It was an APRIL FOOL’S joke! Get over your petty selves. Wow. This is why we can’t have nice things. People take stuff WAY too seriously now. Everyone is so easily offended and butthurt over the stupidest things. Everyone needs to take a good 3 large steps back and take a good look at themselves. Just… Jebus Frickin’ H Crimbo in a taxicab! Come on, son! Chill the eff out. It’s only makeup.

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  5. Man, I can’t read comments on sites like Trendmood without getting angry. It’s like Tarte named the palette KNOWING that everyone who saw it would become an “icey betch” themself. It was a blatant joke IMO and even if it wasn’t WHO CARES!

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