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VIB Sale April 2018 | What I am Eyeing

Good Morning all!

I hope you have had a chance to be in on the new dates for the Sephora sale this spring. I have heard a few different start dates but I know it ends on the 23rd. (The two starts I have heard are April 13th/14th. There are only two of these sales a year so it’s best to get on it and stock up on your regular products while you can, or if you are like me, just go blast away a bunch of money on random stuff you wouldn’t pay full price for.

There are a few things on my wish list so I thought I would share some things I wanted to try out. OH omg guys I actually pulled the trigger on The Ordinary! I will write up a post about that once it gets in!

I may or may not buy all these things, just some things I am interested in, and don’t forget to get your cashback on Ebates if you don’t already! You can use this referral link, and we can all be happy together 🙂 Sephora is currently at 4% cashback and they literally give you money for shopping!



Skincare For Makeup Lovers – Instant Dewy Glow Set

I am still making a considerable effort to improve my skin. This year has been tough with this un-ending winter, and I know that coming into summer, unlike most people I will just end up dryer, and with more fine lines. Hopefully they will be laugh lines, but who can tell at the end of the day. At least I had a happy life!

$50  bum bum

SOL DE JANEIRO Catch the Bum Bum Wave

I love this stuff and am already almost all the way through my second full size tub of it, so I would love these go travel with, and one to keep in my purse. I have also been having a bit of a time with some stretch marks on my thighs… (yeah we are doing other things to help with that). This bumbum cream is also said to help make the lines look lighter, and not so aggressively purple.


VISEART Petit PRO Palette 2

This will be my first foray into Viseart shadows, and I think it’s about time I gave them a go to see what all the hubbub is about. Before I blow away $100 on a small palette, I’m going to try one of the petites.

$38gold rush.PNG


This has been calling to me for awhile, I love the print on the box, I love the colour, and I love the print in the powder. There would be more of these blushes in my collection if they weren’t such a pain in the butt to store. Yes first world problems.

Thank you so much for reading! For disclosures sake, If the Ebates code is use, I will be paid for the referral. (The same payment as anyone else, but it’s still a thing!



9 thoughts on “VIB Sale April 2018 | What I am Eyeing”

  1. Ooh I have not seen that Viseart Petit palette. I did jump in with both feet on the $100 Neutral Matte palette and I’m not disappointed – only issue I have is a couple of the colours look really similar once applied on my eyes.
    Your list is shorter than I would have thought…

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  2. I have the original Viseart Petit Pro palette and I like it, but the colors in this one appeal to me more. But I got the one one I have for free (was in my press goodie bag when I went to The Makeup Show Orlando last year). I have a full review on my blog if you want to check it out.

    The only things I’m maybe eyeing are the Belif Eye Bomb, Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation (I’ve gone through several samples and like it a lot… was able to do a regular review of it as a result) & a full size of the Bite Amuse Bouche liquid lipstick in Chutney (I have a mini 100 point perk version I keep in my bag and I really like it. Basically the liquid lip version of Pepper, which I have in the old Luminous Creme formula & love).

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  3. I love reading posts like this! I am always going over what I am planning on buying myself to make sure I’ll get the most out of my money, haha. I am also planning on buying a Tatcha set but the one with the most popular items. 🙂

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