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KVD 10 Year Anniversary Palette

Little late to the game here because my week(s) have been intensely busy lately as have the weekends. However they have finally released the picture of the inside of the Kat Von D Limited Edition palette and let me tell you. I AM PUMPED. That being said it does look fairly similar to other things they have released over the years.

There is some forgiveness from me on that front because it is a celebration of their anniversary and their past so I would expect there would be some throwback to previous releases. Photo Credit to @trendmood1.

KVD 10th anniversary paletteI am hoping for the quality to be along the lines of the coveted Mi Vida Loca, and not the Serpentine (which was a fairly huge fail in my books). It will includes all new shades, and are inspirationally named after the 10 muses KVD selected for their upcoming Anniversary campaign (along with a few names that pay homage to some of the people who work behind the scenes).

I will post more information when I have it, and someone needs to talk me out of the train case that will also be available. Let’s be real though, I don’t need a train case, I have one and never even use it! DO NOT LET ME BUY THIS ONE.

For those of you who are cruelty free, this palette is definitely something you can pick up, as KVD’s brand is vegan and cruelty free.

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