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This week in Makeup |Carts and Farts

It’s been a few weeks since I did a review of whats going in my cart and whats going to end up in the toilet so lets get it started!

Wet n Wild – Flights of Fancy Summer Launch

Launch: May 2ndFlightsofFancy.PNG

Cart. This collection consists of a number of products and is available as a whole set for $34.99. There is actually something to be said for companies that release the PR package, and it makes it much easier for people like me to pick up for review without having to scramble for each piece.  I am really loving that it gives lip, nail, cheek, eye products and includes a brush. Seems like its a well curated set, and I look forward to bringing forward a thorough review, and perhaps another full face of Wet n Wild. The nail colours are also right up my alley, and are nothing to shake a stick at.

KKWKKW- Body Perfume

Launch: April 30th

I literally cannot fart loud enough for how much I find this distasteful as a promotional release photo. I need an entire symphony of butt trumpets. Yes I specifically chose this photo and not the picture of the complete bottle, because it’s marketing tactics like this that really put a bad taste in my mouth and not care for this brand or this family at all. I will keep my money thank you. I be this perfume smells like money. (not really I’m just being bitter because I am not filthy rich).

Laura Lee Los Angeles – Nudie Patootie PaletteCutiePatootie.PNG

Launch : Available now

This is a snooze and a half, but as someone else pointed out, Laura Lee doesn’t move much outside her comfort zone, so this shouldn’t be a surprise coming from her brand. Cats Pajamas was also not very interesting. If you are interested in this palette it also resembles Naked 3, Back Talk, Sephora Pro in Cool, Laura Mercier Artist Eye, Jaclyn Hill X Morphe and a mountain of others. I will not be picking up this palette because I strongly believe it is not unique to my collection, and can be replicated a million times over. Also, the name makes me cringe, you are an adult woman, with adult women buying your products, I am so annoyed with people trying to get their shock value in naming their products stupid names.

venus-3.pngLimeCrime Venus 3 

Launch: Available Now

I actually had early access to this, and was laying in bed late on April 23rd, rushed to the website when I got the email, and put it in my cart. I was about to hit check out and something stopped me. I couldn’t move past that checkout button, I started looking at the swatches again, and just couldn’t pull the trigger. It’s a beautiful palette so it does actually pain me to pass it up, and you never know it could still end up in my collection, but for now I think I’m going to flush it. Between my KVD, electric, Natasha Denona, and a Pat McGrath palette that is making it’s way to me, I KNOW  I have these shades a few times over and I couldn’t pull anything out that was truly unique. That being said I do have one and two, and my collectors habits sometimes get the best of me. I am truly trying to make better purchasing decisions, on what palettes can be duped with and why I will or won’t buy something. At the end of the day, I don’t reach for the first or second versions much on their own.

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11 thoughts on “This week in Makeup |Carts and Farts”

  1. I do like the WNW collection but I don’t NEED it, so gonna pass.

    I agree 10000000% on the KKW crap. What kind of bad crack is her PR team smoking? Then again, it’s tacky, just like her so maybe it’s a good fit.

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