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MAC Cosmetics X Patrick Starrr | Me So Fleek

It’s rare that I wonder into a Mac store anymore, it truly is. The lights, the typically snooty help, and the general inability to self-serve in the store makes me avoid it like the plague. I will do my shopping online thank you very much.

In my haste of procrastination on the weekend I did happen to foray into the Oshawa Center store and picked up a few items, one of which is the Patrick Starrr collaboration “Me So Fleek”. Essentially what you are getting is a quad, lipstick, lipglass, and two tone blush for $57 CAD.

So now I will deliver my thoughts to you via the interwebs.


Value Statement : Worth $97 

A complete kit of products for the entire face that includes a Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye Shadow x 4 and Powder Blush (Duo).

A complete kit of products for the entire face that includes a Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye Shadow x 4 and Powder Blush (Duo). Available in two shade waves: the on-trend hues of Me So Fleek and the natural everyday shades of Me So Chic. The box and products within are all specially designed in pink packaging with a kaleidoscopic floral motif and PATRICK STARRR’s signature.

IMG_3118 (1).JPG

The Actual Value

Ultimately I am going to start this off by saying that I am NOT disappointed with this purchase, the kit is well put together and the shades are nice. I have also considered that I would not wear the lip glass because I despise  lip glosses. If you were to buy all of these items separately it would ring in at $101 based on my calculation.

The QuadIMG_3123

Eye Shadow x 4 / Stay with Me:

  1. In Living Pink: Pinky coral with gold shimmer (Frost)
  2. Hickie: Bright pink with shimmer (Frost)
  3. All’s Rosy : Dirty midtone pink (Matte)
  4. In The Shadows : Vibrant dark blue with shimmer (Frost)

I spent some time in my collection looking for dupes that would be similar on the eyes, and had the most luck with In living pink, and In the Shadows. They were also the most impressive of the four shades, with Hickie (What a gross name) and All’s Rosy coming in way behind, the other’s on quality and performance. I felt All’s Rosy was chunky and disappointing in the swatch, but I will post looks on Instagram later this week to discuss how I felt about the wear and how it performed using a brush.

IMG_8055Dupes for All’s Rosy

When I first swatched this shade, I was very impressed with the colour and pigmentation. Then I immediately felt underwhelmed and assumed I could easily dupe it out with many shades I already owned. Just with a quick look I was able to pull 5 other similar shades, not all are exact but most are very close and I am unsure that the difference would be visible while on the eye. If I had to call an exact dupe I would say we are looking at the Rose shade in Lorac Pro 2.

IMG_8058Dupes for In the Shadows 

I was actually fairly shocked that a blue was so solidly done, and the swatch was effortless. Seems like in this day in age it should be all good and super easy to accomplish but many blues are very patchy and chalky. This was a win in my opinion, and in real life I would say KVD Nebula (Metal Matte) had the closest match. There wasn’t as many close matches as I thought I could get if I am being totally honest, but in the long run it’s actually a good thing, because it means I added something new to my collection. At the end of the day though, it’s another blue eye shadow that we will love to look at and rarely use. I’m looking at you Mario x KKW…

The Lipstick

Lipstick in Hey, Boy, Hey! : Dirty pinkish plum (Matte)


IMG_8049As of yet I haven’t physically tried this but I have tried many a matte lipstick from Mac before, and it’s one of my preferred formulas from them. I was also able to dupe this shade with a few other Mac colours I have.

Top to bottom: Have your Cake, Hey boy Hey, Heroine and Up the Anti. Closest colour dupe, albeit  not the same finish, was Up the Ante, and the rest were very close. It’s a nice overall shade, but nothing incredibly unique to me. However I think it does leave something to be seen that I do like the colour since it’s something I always seem to gravitate towards!

Dupesclaimer: I only attempted dupes with existing Mac lipsticks in my collection, if I made a move into the rest of my collection I think I could probably have come up with many more.

IMG_3119.JPGThe Blushes

Both blushes are different shades of rose, and so far I have been enjoying mixing them together for the best colour for the cheeks.

These are very easy to dupe at the end of the day, blush is blush, is blush. The reason I actually reached for this variation of the collab was because of this blush, it seemed so rich and lovely. I can’t even remember the last time I purchased a blush from Mac, and I know I used to love them. Now that I am thinking about it the last blush I bought from them was Melba, which is a classic.

That are your thoughts on this line, and collaborations in general?


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8 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics X Patrick Starrr | Me So Fleek”

  1. I think the collection was well thought out, planned and executed. I like that you can get one whole collection for a certain price. It is defiantly worth it, even if you wouldn’t use one item. I’m sure I would find someone who would want it, if I really didn’t like one thing. I think it really suits MAC and Patrick, it doesn’t feel like it is totally out there. It seems to hold up to the quality both are known for, just from the look of it by your photos. I haven’t actually been to MAC myself, since this has launched(I only go twice a year or so), so haven’t seen this in person.

    I am not a fan of pink at all, but the pink on the packaging actually doesn’t bother me that much. It is such a cool toned pink. I think these would are nice display pieces, to have out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The packaging for this collection is beautiful! The colours in the eye quad you got are pleasing to look at and the blue doesn’t look patchy and it’s seems like a wearable shade, it’s not too dark or too pale. I like the look of the blushes, they’re the kind of shades that will go with everything and if you don’t have those colours already it seems like a nice product. $57 is a good deal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my! This collection is absolutely gorgeous. I do wish they added a purple shade in the eyeshadow palette instead of the blue. This collection hasn’t hit South African shores yet but I hope we get it soon and also in a bundle.

    Liked by 1 person

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