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What I would have bought | Physicians Formula 80th Anniversary Collection

Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence, right up there with cleaning, gardening and cooking. Before you say it, yes I know I am a horrible woman, I don’t know what cloth I was cut from, but it was certainly not the domestic one.

20111123-213130On the days I do have to make my way to the grocery store, I can salvage the experience by going to the Real Canadian Superstore. Why does this make the annoyance far less? Because of the incredible makeup aisle obviously….  As long as I get to wander through these lovely racks, I can choke it down. When I went yesterday, and took a hard left as soon as I walked in the store, to be hit with the bright lights of the makeup displays, it dawns on me. IT’S STILL NO MONEY MAY.


How can I turn this into a positive experience? Well I can give you some ideas of what I might have picked up to test out.

Physicians Funnamed.jpgormula had a new display in celebration of their 80th anniversary. For those of you who have been around for some time, you may be reminded of the Canyon Creek quad that was incredibly popular about four years ago. These seem like new releases in this style. I also found it odd that none of the new displays had prices on them? What’s up with that RCSS? Don’t come at me with your fancy promotional displays to rope me into buying something I don’t know the price of. Not a fan. Now I have had to go do my own sleuthing to find out the price. You can purchase here on Physicians Formula’s website for $7.95. This has also taught me that I should only be buying from their website as its considerably less expensive than the rest of the drugstores. Lesson learned.

IMG_8122In the same display I also found some new powder foundations, which at first glance I most definitely thought were new bronzers.  This is only available in four shades which is mildly disappointing to say the least, and I am not entirely sure why this would be a part of an anniversary collection. Foundation is hard, and not to be taken lightly these days.  Price point on their website is at $7.95. Sorry to say PF, but you have left out POC on this release, and basically anyone else who would require anything darker than “honey beige”. What is that colour? Who is the colour of honey? This seems like an odd release to me the more I look into it. Especially considering their shade range on their “The Healthy Foundation” is up to 16 shades varying in undertone. thehealthyfoundation_shadechart_1.jpgWhat are your thoughts on these products? Would you have picked them up? Do you purchase from brands who have your shade but aren’t as inclusive as they could be?

For those of you wondering, yes I did make it out of there alive with my  no buy in tact!

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