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Project Pan Intro

Why did I do this to myself? I know I’m not good at them. The boredom increases at an exponential rate, and I leave my makeup table frustrated. To the people who do pan that palette… I salute you. You are a better person than I.

Someone help me. It’s a good thing I am competitive, even if that’s only with myself, because if I wasn’t this would be a total failure. (Which it still might).

I started this project pan on Sunday and I am ALREADY bored.

14 thoughts on “Project Pan Intro”

  1. I’ll have to watch that video when I get back from work! Good luck on your project. I find that it is essential for me to not involve to many things in the project so that I will still be able to rotate with my other stuff. I am getting very tired of my one blush though, that I am convinced is never ending because I can’t tell any difference in 5 months 😛

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  2. Yeah I can’t do that. I wear a different look every single day. If I do the same look 2 days in a row it’s pure laziness on my part. I have hit pan on some shades in various palettes & a few singles though because they’re staple shades.

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      1. I have a “go to” look but I have different palettes/singles I can use to achieve different degrees of said look.

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  3. Girl, you’ve finished SO MUCH of Champagne Pop! I’ve owned Opal for YEARS now and it literally looks untouched. Same with that Off the Cuff palette – it’s so hard to even get rid of the pattern!

    Good luck on your Project Pan!!

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    1. Thanks!! I just hit pan on the powder in the naked skin palette! I looked down this morning and was like oooo!

      I’m already sick of doing this…. sigh lol I might just take some sand paper to off the cuff lol

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      1. Whooo congrats on hitting pan on the UD powder!

        When you said take some sand paper to Off the Cuff, that just reminded me of something…a few years ago I went to a bachelorette party, and a bunch of girls were getting ready together. I had brought Off the Cuff with me, and a friend of the bride-to-be said that she had forgotten her bronzer and asked if she could use the one in my palette. I hesitantly said yes even though I’m iffy about sharing makeup, and at this point my palette was in PRISTINE condition even though I had owned it for a year – the pattern on all the powders was still perfect.

        Well, after she finished using it, the pattern on the bronzer shade was completely gone and there was bronzer powder everywhere on the palette. I didn’t really care too much that she “ruined” the look of the palette, but that moment sticks in my mind because I found it very interesting how differently a makeup LOVER and a makeup USER uses and treats their products.


      2. Right?! Like take care of your belongings!

        Actually I don’t remember her looking crazy. She probably just swirled her brush all over the bronzer instead of lightly tapping at it like those of us who admire packaging do.

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