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Huda Beauty | Rose Gold Remastered

There are a few things in the beauty industry that leave a bad taste in my mouth. One being limited edition products that are super hyped and then re-released to get the fan base going, and when companies try and ‘re-launch’ the same product but reformulated.

We all know my general thoughts on Huda, as can be seen here. However to me this is a new low and I feel like it’s taking advantage of the market, when really all that is happening is a shitty product was released. Now they have improved it to re-release it again.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.33.10 PM

Are we out of ideas? This is all we can come up with now? I have heard people discussing this on some of the instagram photos, and one of the common themes is that this is a re-release of the original – (Which wasn’t that good in my opinion), and it’s just a copy of the Modern Renaissance and Peachy Mattes mixed together.

It’s a no from me, and poo on you Huda.

6 thoughts on “Huda Beauty | Rose Gold Remastered”

  1. Yeah hard pass. I like the Mauve Obsessions palette I have, but if I get any more I’m gonna get the Bad Habit dupes off Shop Hush.

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  2. I have a dupe by I Heart Makeup! Their Rose Gold Chocolate Bar is a dupe without all that chunky glitter. It’s why I bought that rather than the original. I just couldn’t see myself using all those textured shadows. So I waited and opted for a dupe instead. The best part? The dupe only costs about 1/5 of the original price. I love the Desert Dusk palette though. It is one of my favorite more recent palette purchases.


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