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Struggling through the Sephora Sale | No Buy Update

No Money May has been an overall success. There are three days left, and I intend to be successful for the last portion of the month. No Excuses, no pain no gain, cliche, cliche, cliche.

I wanted to talk through my struggles with this sudden Summer Sephora Sale though, and the products I have put in and out of my cart continuously during this month.

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These sales are what kill me truly. Things come up that I would have never bought otherwise but now that they are available and I can ‘save money’ on them it makes me second guess my purchasing choices, and immediately turn me into this whiny baby.

One perfect example of this is the I Am Divine Palette by KVD. I didn’t buy this because I didn’t WANT IT when it was released. Why, because it’s on sale now, do I want to put it in my cart? There is literally nothing special about it.Capture.PNG It’s a few shades of black and gray with one green and a couple shades of blue. All of which I can most definitely find 100 times over in other KVD palettes I already have. They put it on sale for 40% off, and it made me seriously question if it was worth it. (Spoiler alert – It’s not).

Be prepared everyone this is going to be a long post. Item #2 that made it’s way into my cart was the ABH Blush Trios. Not all of them, and to be honest I can’t even remember which one I had put in. These are now 31% off, and although they are great products and I love the one I have already (Peachy Love which I have shown here). Capture2.PNG I own enough blush, to flush the entire country for one year. At a minimum anyway. There is no way to actually get that statistic, but hopefully you are picking up what I am putting down. In my project pan, I tried to use the same blush until there was no pattern left on it. Fail. I couldn’t do it. This was a huge eye opener for me, that I need to concede to the fact that blush is not a fast use product.

One trillion brush sets.

I put ALL THREE of these in my cart, because wow much sale, good price, very quality.  The last thing I need less than eye shadow palettes, are brushes. Does it look like I need brushes? Yeah they are a bunch of dirty bitches too.How many brushes can I possibly use on my face at once? And the kicker of it all? I ALWAYS REACH FOR THE SAME TEN BRUSHES, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME. But they are pretty, and I NEED them or I will die.


There is nothing wrong with any of these products per say, and the whole point of this post was really to check myself, and show how much money I could have possibly wasted if I hadn’t of taken a step back and really considered what I was doing.

Did you get anything from the sale? There were so many sales over the Memorial Day weekend…. It was a challenge for me, but I have abstained!

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2 thoughts on “Struggling through the Sephora Sale | No Buy Update”

  1. Yeah surprise sales can do me in sometimes. I’ve been suckered by them in the past. But now I try to shop a lot smarter and they can’t trick me as much anymore.


  2. I only caught wind of the Sephora Summer Sale yesterday and the one item I wanted – Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (which I’ve had on my wish list for forever – is out of stock. That helped me not to spend any money! 😆

    It’s funny how items we wouldn’t cast a second glance at suddenly look appealing because the price is discounted. 😛

    My SO’s motto for me when it comes to sales: you can’t save money by spending money. 🙄 But he’s right.

    A true test is whether you’ll buy any of the Sephora sale items come June 1st if the sale is still on and the items aren’t sold out.


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