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What a week… Haul Video

My god. There are no words for how busy I have been in the last month. Do you know why No Money May was successful? Too busy to shop. Literally eat sleep work, that’s all for the entire month of May. Time is flying, and sometimes starting to get away from me, and the exhaustion has been setting in.

downloadIf anyone is wondering why I haven’t been posting as much, it’s not because I have nothing to say, but more so, I can’t take photos at the moment. There is minimal time on the weekends for doing much else than grounds keeping and filming. Not to mention I can’t really get on the floor/be bent over much due to some pulled back issues. Currently working through some physio for that.

So what else has gone on this week? I finally posted my last update to my project pan to clean out the month which you can find HERE if you are interested. How did that go? Not horrible, but also not so sure I will be tackling the project again, it’s just not for me, and with all the things that can make us unhappy these days, I don’t need project panning to add to the list.

16602702_10155045942019853_6643625242630667683_n.jpgIt was my best friends birthday on Wednesday and I will be celebrating with her tonight over some sort of food and alcohol, and stretchy pants. Probably do puppy face-boops with my pups and watch pitch perfect while we yell things at each other and sing too loud. Happy ‘you’re an old bitch’ Day Kiwi-Fruits. If you haven’t seen our video together, that would be HERE.

Throughout the month of May I didn’t buy anything outside the rules, but I did do a haul video to show the items that I did pick up inside the rules, and some other products that were sent to me. There may or may not, also be a sneak peak into the giveaway I will be posting tomorrow….

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this update!




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