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Project Pan | 13 by Halloween

I was recently invited to join a huge collaboration of YouTubers who are participating in the 13 by Halloween seasonal project pan. There will BE success this time! I promise you there will.

For anyone who doesn’t remember what happened last time. I picked a bunch of products ranging from face products to perfume and it did not go well. There was a mass amount of frustration, and I made some progress with some things, but not others. Lessons learned? I require support and more time, to not feel so tied to all the products I chose. Also that I should stop buying shit. (Don’t tell my husband I said that.)

Who did I collaborate with you might ask? Well… Here you go!

Love Heatherette , Lipstick Lashes & Wine,  Courtney K BeautyLisa Stevens, Kaily Baute , Too much TashKitty Approved Beauty, Kelly Gooch

Some amazing ladies to get inspiration and support from!


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