June Boxycharm & Enter to Win a Trip!

Everyone knows for the most part that I love Boxycharm. We have had our ups and downs, and let me tell you, June was a huge UP! (Also… I know… better late than never).

Boxycharm is a subscription service for $21 USD that gets you 5 full size products sent to your door. If you are interested you can check it out HERE. So what did we get last month? Well. A whole butt ton of really amazing products some of which I can’t actually even BELIEVE showed up at my door step.

ALAMAR REINA DEL CARIBE – SRP $28  No word of a lie, I would have been happy to have paid for this palette on it’s own. It’s beautiful. Not only does it capture that exotic feel you can only get in the summer months, but the pigmentation is fantastic. The staying power is impressive, and for such intense shimmers I can’t even believe they don’t crease throughout the day. I also appreciate that this it has large pan sizes, quality, sleek & beautiful packaging while still keeping the price down.01-alamar

BATTINGTON MONROE SILK LASHES SRP – $28 I truly wish I wore false lashes on more occasions, and wasn’t so lazy. I can’t have an opinion on these because I have yet to wear them. However, the lashes are full and soft, and although dramatic tend to lean more towards the natural side. Which is something that is important. Even if you do want to fly away with your lashes, you don’t want people looking at you like you put actual wings on your face. 08-monroe-lashes

SOL DE JANEIRO BRAZILIAN BUM BUM CREAM – SRP $10 (Full Size $57). This is one of the products that made my jaw drop. I use this STUPIDLY expensive cream constantly, so for one to show up at my door in a subscription box was awesome. The sample was small but definitely enough for someone to get a good handle on if they would like the cream or not. The idea of this product is to firm and moisturize the skin. I have talked about this before I always re-buy it. Not to mention the scent smells so much like summer and vacation that sometimes I open it just to huff it in the winter. Don’t look at me like that. You can respectfully refer to this sample as  baby bum bum.


Luxie 3 Piece Flawless Complexion Set SRP $42 Who doesn’t love a tool? Don’t answer that. Who doesn’t love a good set of makeup brushes? Everyone loves them. Literally everyone. Even you. Luxie is a recurring brand to Boxycharm so I wasn’t surprised to see them show up in this months box. As much as I like their brushes overall, I am not a huge fan of Luxie face brushes, (I am very particular about face brushes, and these are just not packed tight enough for me.) So these will be going to a friend.


OFRA LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK – SRP $21 Alright. I have some explaining to do for this one. I like the Ofra liquid lipstick formula so I wasn’t disappointed to see this. At all. I really wasn’t. Great product. Love it on my face. However they JUST did a rebrand, so I get the feeling like they were just foisting old product off on the Boxycharmers. Thoughts on this theory?


Want to win a trip? Check this out!



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