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Well hello fall… and all of you!

It’s been a VERY strange few months. This summer was probably one of the busiest ones I have ever had, and although I was able to keep up with YouTube for the most part I was not able to keep up here as well. Isn’t that always the way?

This was probably for the best anyway, the beauty community has been in shambles for half the summer. Laura Lee and Manny MUA  are essentially piles of glitter blown away by a tornado. Although they are not my favourite people in the world, I am wishing them all the best and hoping they are safe and well. Everyone was preaching equality while being hateful and abusive towards them, and forgot to practice what we preach. Come on people… death threats? Get real. Do I agree with what they did and said? No of course not, it was hella shitty, but should that mean we should all kill Laura’s 14 year old niece? No probs not.

Marlena blames the influencer community for the fall of Make up Geek. Gabriel Zamora, tosses everyone under the bus, and rightfully so by the sounds of it…. and Jaclyn Hill is spewing ‘her truth’ all over the place.


So many truth videos of all different subject matters, tag lines etc. Can we please all just GTFO over ourselves? Influencers are here to make a living, we put them on these pedestals. We are buying the products that they are shilling. We did this. Not them… We voted with our views and our wallets. Everyone’s truth? How about we take some accountability? I know I do, and I hope after all of this we can take some stock in what we are watching, who we are watching, and the kind of people we are letting influence us.

Enough about that… It has happened, it’s over, and I have for the most part stayed quiet about it. If you are interested in my overall view of it, I do touch on some of it in this video.


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