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Products I will Always Repurchase

There are always those products that you consistently reach for. Even me, who moves through my collection like a river over a waterfall. I don’t stick to one product for long, my palettes look brand new, because they are each used as much as another, and for the most part I don’t even dip into the same spot in the pan.

There are however a few holy grail products, that I will repurchase time and time again and hold a dear place in my heart, and I will always reach for them.

NYC Liquid Liner download4.jpg

Walmart $3.99

It looks cheap because it is, BUT it’s amazing, and I am on my 3rd of 4th. This is a brush tip and a wet formula, and doesn’t operate like a pen. The brush isn’t stiff, but doesn’t fray and can give a thick or thin line depending on the style you want and the way the brush is angled. Do I think this is a good product for someone trying to learn how to do a wing for the first time? Probably not because it is VERY black and intense, but if you have mastered the art of the pen, save yourself $15 from buying the tattoo liner ( Which don’t get me wrong, is also great) and buy this instead. There is no transfer and it stays on forever. For those of you with dogs, it can withstand a million puppy kisses too. Trust me, my guys have tried.

downloadYSL The Shock Mascara

Sephora $29

Yeah I know, pretty steep contrast to Mr. Eyeliner up there, but I swear it’s worth it. I have recommended this to countless people and most believe it is worth the splurge. I open it and let it sit for a week or two, (not open, but unsealed from the factory) to let it dry just a bit. I prefer a dryer formula so I do this periodically to make products work better for me. No flaking, No clumping, just big volumized lashes, that at the end of the day come off with minimal effort.

Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm download

Sephora $38

This product came as a surprise to me when I received it as a deluxe sample, which I promptly used and went and repurchased the full size. This is a solid makeup remover. I know right? You are all like what? Wouldn’t that hurt? No people it doesn’t. Think coconut oil (Which is also a great beauty tool for removing makeup, making hair shiny, and adding a little coconut flavour to zucchini noodles.) This cleanser breaks down your makeup, and then all you need to do is wash it off with warm water and a face cloth, and then carry on with your regular skin care routine. I also have a penchant for the Boscia  Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil.

Cerave Daily Moisturizerdownload.jpg

Walmart $20

Seems steep for walmart doesn’t it? Until you realize this tub is as big as my head, and really works wonders for not only your face but for your body as well. I appreciate its ability to last forever, and be a multi use product. I am on my second tub, and it’s worth it. Just like you.

Ladownload.jpgura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder $47

This is something that almost annoys me. I can’t find any powder that is this good. I keep looking for the Airspun powder that you can get at Walmart in the states to replace it, but its just not working out for me. That being said I am on my 3rd round of this powder, because it’s so damn good I keep shelling out the big bucks for it. Although bitter about it, I still do it.

download.jpgNYX Pore Filling Primer

Shoppers $14.99

I wish this was just a teeny bit cheaper, but it’s still my favourite pore filling primer that doesn’t pill up on my skin. I press this into the places on my face where my pores are more prominent, and use the Hangover RX from Too Faced on the rest of my skin. This covers both my dry skin and my large pores with minimal effort.

Thanks for coming by today, what products to you find yourself repurchasing over and over?

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Boxycharm Review | January 2018

Good morning all! I finally received my boxycharm late last week, and there were some pretty great products in it this month.

The main reason I subscribe to this service knowing I might not like some of the products that I receive/pay for, is because it gives me an opportunity to try products I wouldn’t pick up on my own and really give them a run for their money. It also broadens the brands I try. <— All important factors when being a beauty blogger.

Instead of doing an unboxing, and having no opinions on the products that were sent I actually tried the products for a few days instead. They did some running around with me and were put to the test.

Check out my quick thoughts on this months box 🙂

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Alright Boxycharm, We have another bone

to pick…

Part of the reason I actually really liked Ipsy was their rewards program, You could review products and get points to redeem for full size/deluxe sample size products. They weren’t always the best products, but there was always a fairly stellar selection. When I left Ipsy,  (You can see why here)  that was the only thing I knew I would miss.

When I switched to Boxycharm, I was happy to find out they had a similar points system, where you could refer others or review products to gain the “charms” to spend in their Charm shop.

Here is where the bone is. The charm shop has become increasingly terrible. There is NOTHING in it, hardly ever, so now I am sitting on 9000 charms and no where to shop with them. Capture.PNG

I mean… That’s it? What am I going to do with either of those things? There used to be 10-15 products to shop from at any given time, and I feel as though this has been barren for sometime now.

I have also reached out to their customer service to see if there was an issue or we would be seeing an update at some point, but to no avail. The cranky old lady in me wants to be super angry about it, but I will sit with mildly annoyed, due to their kick ass products they keep sending me every month.

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The Packaging Tag

There is always those products we love to hate, where we wish we could peel out the product and put it somewhere better. It must be the case, or else why would we have such crazy experiences in de-potting.

I took a shot at some of the worst packaging that we might come across. Hope you like the video!

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How NOT to blow your wad….on makeup

Good Morning all!

You heard it here first, we are going to not blow our wad’s in 2018. I have spent some time in the last month or so doing some considering of where I am at in life. Some reflection if you will, and I have made the decision to be more aware of my spending on makeup/hobbies. That being said I feel it necessary to provide the masses with some anti-wad blowing tips. My apologies for the wall of writing, but sometimes you just need to…

Continue reading “How NOT to blow your wad….on makeup”

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Child Destroys $1000 of Makeup! G.T.F Over It

At this point in the game if you are on social media and have EVER looked at a beauty related topic, I am certain your Facebook or Twitter algorithm has forced this article on you, with it’s epic click bait title.

Yeah I did it too. Deal with it.


If you know me, or have been around for awhile you know my feelings on children and parenting well are pretty set in stone. I support anyone who wants to have children but for reasons like the above, this life is not for me.

There are multiple issues why this article and the mass amount of coverage has frustrated me beyond reason.

  1. Why is this news? Is there nothing else going on in this world that idownload.jpgs more important than a child hand smashing some testers at a makeup store? If that’s the case, Trump must be gone, world hunger is solved, and the Middle East has found peace. Wait…. I didn’t wake up in that world. Did you?
  2. The headline is miss-leading. It reads as though a child walked into a Sephora, grabbed palettes off the display and smashed them onto the ground in a fit of rage over the lack of the right cerulean blue crayon to colour in that duck they are working on. – I would be pretty pissed too kid…BUT This is not what happened. Said child ruined testers. Testers that were already written off, and are sent to the store, to be tested. I have seen some adults do worse work on testers, than this.
  3. Should the parent have been watching the child? Of course they should be. That goes without saying. Does that mean these mothers, fathers, cousins, brothers, sisters, former roommates should not be able to go shopping for that they need? No. That’s ridiculous. Settle down twitter. Don’t tell people when they can and can’t shop and with who. Mind your own damn business, and please refer to item #2. Capture1.PNG

4. This is a teaching opportunity for parents, children, and staff. There is NO reason the parent shouldn’t have been paying attention to the child this long. Please… pay more attention. The child should learn to ask to play with anything on display. It might have stopped some of this damage from occurring, the parent could have easily explained they were in fact, not finger paints. (For a toddler anyway, they are definitely finger paints for me).  As for the store employees…. how did no one notice this happening? This is your store, your place of work. Have some pride, explain to the child what they are doing. Would you let someone steal from you? I would damn well hope not. The idea is to be on the floor and paying attention to your customers and what they are doing in your store.


Thoughts? How many times have you seen this pop up on your feed?


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The move is complete…

All hail the moving truck and the men in my life. (Don’t tell them I said that because I will NEVER hear the end of it).

The move is done, we are in our new house, and it’s almost completely set up only a week in. So now my question is…

What do we want to see as the first video in the new beauty room?! Cast your Vote below!