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This week on Trendmood1 | Carts & Farts

Welcome back to another edition of Cart or Fart! I lose my interest in Trendmood every so often because there is only so many warm toned shadows, and buttery bronzers I can look at as new releases, and react in a surprised way. Eventually all I can think is ‘alright, next please’, and then I just stop checking entirely.

However I think it’s time to discuss whats going in my Cart, and what’s being directed into the Doo Doo bowl.

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Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!

This is an interesting theory which I have never really thought about until recently, and now I feel like I have been sucked in without even noticing it. I wish I could remember who originally came up with this theory but I know it was a YouTuber, and if I can ever find them I will come back and update that info.

BUT. What is the Pop? It’s that one – four shades that sucks you into that palette full of browns and neutrals. This immediately makes us feel like we HAVE to buy these products and they are brand new and we couldn’t possibly be able to have this in our collection somewhere else… What is this you say? This couldn’t possible be happening! Let me show you….

Do you see whats happening here? When I originally found this my mind was blown, so the next time you are hitting that makeup aisle, cover up the brights… and see if you already have that palette in your collection, because I bet you do!

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Wear What you Want | You CAN Pull That Off

Time for another rant, and this one has been a long time coming. One of the most frustrating things I see in this community is “Oh I could never pull that off” or “Oh man I love that but I would be too scared to wear it.”images

We constantly preach about how we need to be accepting of all, and equal treatment etc, but the amount of women who are AFRAID to go outside wearing something they like for fear of backlash is a THING. It’s a REAL THING.

This may not be my most popular post and is likely an unpopular opinion, but there has to be something going on here. I have asked why in when someone has been deemed “brave” for leaving the house with a red lip. It makes the word “brave” lose its meaning for me, and really chaps my ass. The answer I typically get is “oh I’m just an introvert/insecure/people are mean” etc.

So there is no confusion I completely understand some people prefer to live as a wallflower, they do not want to bring attention to themselves at all. Which I can get down with. I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a person who wants to be the center of attention either. Speak on it girl.

The point of this rambly post? WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. The amount of times I have gone out, wearing unconventional makeup/lipstick and no one has looked at me or said a damn word is countless. Not to mention the times I do this, and I get compliments from strangers. 300% more compliments on my makeup than a regular day. (<—-This is a proven statistic from scientists).GksBP.jpg

If you don’t want to wear bright green eyeshadow, or blue lipstick, that is perfectly okay. But if you do, please DO IT. Do not fear people in public commenting, because I can tell you from experience – They don’t care. If they do care? Not your problem, that’s their problem.

There is no “pulling something off” It’s either on your face or it isn’t. Know what you like and what works for you, and go with that. If you like something and you think you aren’t pulling it off, change the undertone, because that’s probably what you are seeing that you don’t like.

I wish you all to do you, and do it well. Be happy, and wear whatever you want!



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Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable |I’m Feeling Gassy Again

Happy Monday morning internet friends! I hope this week treats you well, and all of your hopes and dreams come true. <— Including any and all wishes of marrying rich, and winning the lottery.

I intend to finish up all of the Wet n Wild product reviews this week, so we are going to start with another big poofter. Please keep in mind these are always my own opinions, so if these products are exactly what you are looking for, it’s all you honey. DO IT!

Ultimate Retractable Brow Pencil | Price: $6.29 CAD

ClaimsInsta-worthy! Fill in and define your brows with our unique triangular pencil tip. It creates strokes small enough to look like your finest hairs and sharpens the edges of those brows with rub-resistant pigments. Brush and blend it all out with the pencil’s built-in spoolie. When you’re done, the tip retracts for quick-and-easy storage in your makeup bag.

The only positive I will give this product, is the spoolie. High five for a good quality spoolie. IMG_7561.JPG

But here in lies my real issue. WHY IS THIS TRIANGLE SO BIG? I find this near impossible to work with unless I want to look like a crazy sharpie eyebrow lady. Which works for some but not for me.  Continue reading “Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable |I’m Feeling Gassy Again”

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My Dad Does my Makeup

There are things in life you never think will happen to you and then they do, and you end up in a spot with your dad drawing an eyeball on your eyelid, then you wonder how did I get here?

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The Best High End Highlighters

Good morning all! Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday (and TGIT if you are a Shonda fan)! Did you have a lovely Valentines day? I celebrated by being exhausted and running around like a crazy person all day and night preparing for being a way for the rest of the week. I know sob story. Tough life! At least I am lucky enough to have the life I have. My husband had a great V-day with and was given a large gift bag full of candy. He is a happy boy and that should tide him over while away.

My intention with this post is to bring some (high)light to your day and review my the top 5 highlights that I reach for.

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Bright Valentines Makeup | Ft Electric Palette

Happy Valentines day friends! For those of you being chased by a naked child with a weapon please stay safe, and know that just because cupid looks like a kid doesn’t mean he is. He is legitimately a tiny adult wearing a diaper. Be weary.

I thought I would try my hand at a non conventional makeup look for Valentines. I am aware that not everyone likes/celebrates the Vday. I am on the no celebration side of Valentines, even though its technically my husband and I’s anniversary as well.

This is what I came up with!


I never smile in my pictures, not entirely sure why but here we are! Facetune_10-02-2018-12-38-20.JPG

Products are listed below with some instruction 🙂

IMG_2290.JPGFeatured Palette: Urban Decay Electric Palette (No longer available, so shop your stash!)

Step 1: IMG_2289.JPG

Take the shade Savage on a large fluffy brush and blend into the crease higher than you normally would, we are going for big and blown out! If you think its not enough thats okay, we can go back in after and add to it. Always remember, it’s easier to add than to take away.

Step 2: IMG_2285

On a small flat shader brush take the shade Jilted and place it in the inner and outer corner of your eye, leaving the center of your lid blank. Again this is just our base shades, so if they are messy thats okay, we are going to blend blend blend eventually anyway!

IMG_2288.JPGStep 3:

Using the shade Slowburn, pack that on the lid where you left the blank space. If you want this shade to stand out more, use a white base beneath it. (Concealer works too). This is meant to pop out and give more definition to the look. I didn’t use a white base, because well, lazy.

Step 4: IMG_2287.JPG

Use the shade Urban and deepen the outer V and the inner corner, also smudge this same shade along your lower lashline. I personally like my lower lash line to be a bite more ‘aggressive’ but how much you add is obviously entirely up to your creative genius.

Step 5: 

This is where you go back into each shade, and either deepen or blend to your hears content. Do you want the purple to really stand out? The pink, or the coral? Go back into the shades and add more to blend together, and Voila!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me on Valentines day, and I can’t wait to see some of the looks you have created! Please tag me on Instagram to check out your ideas, or if you recreated this look 🙂

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