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Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!

This is an interesting theory which I have never really thought about until recently, and now I feel like I have been sucked in without even noticing it. I wish I could remember who originally came up with this theory but I know it was a YouTuber, and if I can ever find them I will come back and update that info.

BUT. What is the Pop? It’s that one – four shades that sucks you into that palette full of browns and neutrals. This immediately makes us feel like we HAVE to buy these products and they are brand new and we couldn’t possibly be able to have this in our collection somewhere else… What is this you say? This couldn’t possible be happening! Let me show you….

Do you see whats happening here? When I originally found this my mind was blown, so the next time you are hitting that makeup aisle, cover up the brights… and see if you already have that palette in your collection, because I bet you do!

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Wear What you Want | You CAN Pull That Off

Time for another rant, and this one has been a long time coming. One of the most frustrating things I see in this community is “Oh I could never pull that off” or “Oh man I love that but I would be too scared to wear it.”images

We constantly preach about how we need to be accepting of all, and equal treatment etc, but the amount of women who are AFRAID to go outside wearing something they like for fear of backlash is a THING. It’s a REAL THING.

This may not be my most popular post and is likely an unpopular opinion, but there has to be something going on here. I have asked why in when someone has been deemed “brave” for leaving the house with a red lip. It makes the word “brave” lose its meaning for me, and really chaps my ass. The answer I typically get is “oh I’m just an introvert/insecure/people are mean” etc.

So there is no confusion I completely understand some people prefer to live as a wallflower, they do not want to bring attention to themselves at all. Which I can get down with. I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a person who wants to be the center of attention either. Speak on it girl.

The point of this rambly post? WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. The amount of times I have gone out, wearing unconventional makeup/lipstick and no one has looked at me or said a damn word is countless. Not to mention the times I do this, and I get compliments from strangers. 300% more compliments on my makeup than a regular day. (<—-This is a proven statistic from scientists).GksBP.jpg

If you don’t want to wear bright green eyeshadow, or blue lipstick, that is perfectly okay. But if you do, please DO IT. Do not fear people in public commenting, because I can tell you from experience – They don’t care. If they do care? Not your problem, that’s their problem.

There is no “pulling something off” It’s either on your face or it isn’t. Know what you like and what works for you, and go with that. If you like something and you think you aren’t pulling it off, change the undertone, because that’s probably what you are seeing that you don’t like.

I wish you all to do you, and do it well. Be happy, and wear whatever you want!



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It’s Time to Cut the Crap|Fitness Motivation

This has been a long time coming, and although technically off topic for this blog, it can still fall under beauty because well… I don’t feel beautiful. I feel, laborious breathing and a skyrocketed heart rate when I run up the stairs to the train to get home everyday, to the point I can’t talk and I worry I will go into cardiac arrest on the train.

Typically I don’t promote lifestyle changes to happen on a Monday, it gives a hard start, 626a130a9e8fef8fbf4ca711ae306314--workout-quotes-fitness-quotesand that’s not what it’s supposed to be about, and fun facts, the failure rate of starting on a Monday is about 80%. BUT, this is what is in my brain this morning so here we are.

My intention with this post is to not only provide some motivation to anyone who is suffering through their own yo-yo weight, and to give my own head a shake.

For those of you who know me as more than someone who can hide behind a keyboard with no makeup and cheese dust all over me, know that I am pretty great at losing weight. When I want to. When something snaps in me, I can do it, fast and properly. My issue is maintenance, my weakness is moderation in all aspects of life. I will never be thin, but hell yes can I be strong, and THAT is my first subject I want to discuss.

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How NOT to blow your wad….on makeup

Good Morning all!

You heard it here first, we are going to not blow our wad’s in 2018. I have spent some time in the last month or so doing some considering of where I am at in life. Some reflection if you will, and I have made the decision to be more aware of my spending on makeup/hobbies. That being said I feel it necessary to provide the masses with some anti-wad blowing tips. My apologies for the wall of writing, but sometimes you just need to…

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Child Destroys $1000 of Makeup! G.T.F Over It

At this point in the game if you are on social media and have EVER looked at a beauty related topic, I am certain your Facebook or Twitter algorithm has forced this article on you, with it’s epic click bait title.

Yeah I did it too. Deal with it.


If you know me, or have been around for awhile you know my feelings on children and parenting well are pretty set in stone. I support anyone who wants to have children but for reasons like the above, this life is not for me.

There are multiple issues why this article and the mass amount of coverage has frustrated me beyond reason.

  1. Why is this news? Is there nothing else going on in this world that idownload.jpgs more important than a child hand smashing some testers at a makeup store? If that’s the case, Trump must be gone, world hunger is solved, and the Middle East has found peace. Wait…. I didn’t wake up in that world. Did you?
  2. The headline is miss-leading. It reads as though a child walked into a Sephora, grabbed palettes off the display and smashed them onto the ground in a fit of rage over the lack of the right cerulean blue crayon to colour in that duck they are working on. – I would be pretty pissed too kid…BUT This is not what happened. Said child ruined testers. Testers that were already written off, and are sent to the store, to be tested. I have seen some adults do worse work on testers, than this.
  3. Should the parent have been watching the child? Of course they should be. That goes without saying. Does that mean these mothers, fathers, cousins, brothers, sisters, former roommates should not be able to go shopping for that they need? No. That’s ridiculous. Settle down twitter. Don’t tell people when they can and can’t shop and with who. Mind your own damn business, and please refer to item #2. Capture1.PNG

4. This is a teaching opportunity for parents, children, and staff. There is NO reason the parent shouldn’t have been paying attention to the child this long. Please… pay more attention. The child should learn to ask to play with anything on display. It might have stopped some of this damage from occurring, the parent could have easily explained they were in fact, not finger paints. (For a toddler anyway, they are definitely finger paints for me).  As for the store employees…. how did no one notice this happening? This is your store, your place of work. Have some pride, explain to the child what they are doing. Would you let someone steal from you? I would damn well hope not. The idea is to be on the floor and paying attention to your customers and what they are doing in your store.


Thoughts? How many times have you seen this pop up on your feed?


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Hold the phone NYX!


I was browsing around on, to see what I can waste some money on and actually bite the bullet and get it delivered to Canada…. since I still haven’t taken advantage of yet.

You know the old song and dance…. Makeup….New arrivals…. OOOOO SHINY!

Oh hey there NYX has a new palette, looks like one of those old cheesy ones, which are sometimes a  sweet score! Lets take a look.

beautystaplepalette_main.jpgOh…. Whats this? It’s $65 CAD?!! How is this even possible?

What is this world I am living in where a NYX drugstore palette is $65? I am actually over the moon angry about this.

These are DRUGSTORE quality products. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this is INSANE.

I am beyond disappointed in this price point. How is anyone supposed to afford these items if this is the rate of inflation on makeup? Eventually the cash cow is going to run out, and these makeup companies are going to be in big trouble. /rantfin.png

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Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

If there is one brand I am always confident in buying from it’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. So when I decided I wanted to try a stick foundation it made sense in my mind to reach for ABH above all else.

Off I went to Sephora to find my shade (Ivory it would seem), albeit a bit too light I could still make it work.


SRP: $33 CAD

Description on  This highly pigmented, buildable cream stick foundation creates a flawless, natural looking demi-matte finish. The Stick Foundation is ideal for combination and oily skin, and the lightweight, easy-to-layer foundation delivers light-to-full-coverage, depending on the method of application. It’s designed to quickly and precisely apply all-over coverage, daily touch ups, or highlight and contour with ease.

Needless to say this might be the first time I have ever felt such disappointment in ABH.

Application 3/10: I tried this foundation with the UD Optical Illusion Complexion Primer, Milk Makeup Blur Stick, and NYX Pore Filler primer. (All primers I have used with other foundations without issue.  Let me tell you that now matter HOW much I tried to make more pores disappear with this foundation I looked like a pock marked crazy pants.

I attempted to blend using a Beauty Blender – it did not budge. To the point where I had flashbacks to the Smashbox contour sticks. Round two – Sigma F80- Mild success however, still smeary and stiff.


Not that I want to have an extreme close up of my pores on the internet, but I couldn’t do a review without showing the outcome of this foundation.

Please note how the product piles into my pores and seems streaky on my skin.

Coverage 4/10:  This did end up covering some of my redness which is important to me. However the wear time wasn’t good enough for me. I felt like it was sliding off very quickly throughout the day. I also made note of how it wore terribly through the day but anywhere I had concealer it would cling in desperation, leaving me even more patchy. IMG_6530.PNG

Overall Rating and Final Thoughts


I am surprised at how much I didn’t like this product. The only thing I would agree with is the price point. When pitted against other stick foundations I think its the most reasonably priced.

As you can see by the photos, this in no way gave me a flawless or dewy finish, and I returned it a few days later. I feel like I did give it a fair shake, and it just wouldn’t work for me 😦

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope everyone had a fantastic Canada Day/July 4th long weekend.