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The Packaging Tag

There is always those products we love to hate, where we wish we could peel out the product and put it somewhere better. It must be the case, or else why would we have such crazy experiences in de-potting.

I took a shot at some of the worst packaging that we might come across. Hope you like the video!

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Jolie Beauty | Bomb Dot Com Palette Review

Hi all,

It was a fun week getting to wear glitter everyday that is for sure! If you are interested in a full glitter palette review, check out this baby! There are a few demos, and wear tests, and I would like to say a fairly thorough review 🙂 Hope you enjoy.



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The Palette Recommendation Tag

Good Morning everyone and Happy Thursday! We are sliding into the weekend at a slow pace, but we are definitely making our way there, and you know what that means? Time to do some filming! Is there anything you would like to see reviewed? What are your favourite types of videos?

In keeping with the theme from yesterdays post I would like to put out a poll to see what the makeup mass’s thoughts are on what is next, and might be of interest to you.

Without further delay, here is my Palette Recommendation Tag video!

Tag Questions:

1. Best Palette for Beginners

2. Best Drugstore Palette

3. Best Palette for Work/School

4. Best Palette for a “Natural” Way to Play with Color

5. Biggest Bang for Your Buck

6. Best Palette for [Insert Your Skintone Here]

7. Best Palette for [Insert Your Eye Color Here]

8. Best All in One Palette

9. Best for Travel

10. One You Do NOT Recommend

Thank you so much to Kaily Baute and her idea for this tag, she is the OG poster of this one!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Youtube Resolutions

Hi all,

After my post on Saturday I sat and thought about what I have been doing with my time, and for REAL this time. SO I made a video about it, and why I took a few steps away from youtube.

Hope you enjoy the video and it gives some perspective of Youtubers as real people 🙂


Happy Monday!

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I need some feedback!

Hi everyone!

The next few weeks and the last few weeks have been insane, we are in the middle of a move and some weddings, and friend’s moves etc. Good times had by all!

That being said WE ARE MOVING, and do you know what that means? A new beauty room for me! I am going to have the opportunity to paint, and restyle how my videos and photographs will look. So I am going to post a series of polls for your opinions on what you like to see while browsing your Beauty Blogs. 

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Trash Talk- Product Empties

GUYS I DID A VIDEO – sweet lord it’s been a long time.

Check out my trash talk, where I discuss all the empties I have accumlated and my thoughts on the products. Sadly I had to throw out the empties I had worked through after this video as I am in the process of a fairly substantial move. Stay tuned for a new beauty room 🙂 Much love!

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Blush Highlight and Bronzer Collection

Happy Labour Day everyone! Easy watching today, with another collection video!