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My Dad Does my Makeup

There are things in life you never think will happen to you and then they do, and you end up in a spot with your dad drawing an eyeball on your eyelid, then you wonder how did I get here?

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Palettes I Didn’t Buy and Why!

Over a few weeks of discussion Kaily B and I have finally pulled ourselves together to do our first collab in a few years.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Kaily for doing this with me, and is has impacted me in such a positive way, I am truly grateful to have her in my life and her channel is perfection!

Check out our videos on 5 palettes we didn’t buy and regret it & 5 palettes we didn’t buy and are glad we passed!

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My YouTube Firsts

I found this tag randomly in the midst of my browsing perusal of other small YouTubers and thought it would be pretty fun to do. So here it is. Essentially it’s a discussion on all of your YouTube firsts, and I could actually remember mine. I’m also so sorry about the random blackness at the end of the post my final cut was being super finicky and I didn’t notice until it was too late.

As a sidenote I do intend to do a 2K giveaway, and I am only 50 subscribers away so if you want to get some free stuff don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you can!


Diesel wouldn’t leave me alone, so I just let him Cameo instead! Hope you enjoy!

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January Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

Good Morning and happy Sunday!

Another month, another week, another day, another dollar. We are going to start off this week with the beauty and lifestyle favourites that either came into my life in January, or things I have rediscovered and completely love.

Thank you for stopping by, hope your February is starting off amazing. Let’s be internet friends!

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Products I Regret Buying

Holy Bananas, I can’t believe it’s already February, seems like moments ago it was Christmas and my house was full of people while I was having fever hallucination’s about puppy birds.

After a great amount of reflection on the past month and how much I have been able to accomplish in the time allotted to me. I want to give myself a little pat on the back.  There were “resolutions” made re:my blog and YouTube channel, and I have managed to make the commitments to myself to keep with it, even when I was exhausted.

The proof is in the pudding though, this has been my best month for blogging and YouTube since the first month this website was open, and for that I thank you so much for your support.

There are things in life we regret, and this blog and community is not one of them. That being said let’s check out some product regrets!

Things that happen to us can only be a true regret if we don’t learn from them.

Look at how philosophical I am…

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Don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you…

I took a week off of work last week to visit with my Mom when she was home from Florida, in doing so I had made the assumption I would be ahead of the game on pumping out content, and even having things pre-prepped for this week when I knew I would be busy.

Well my lack of posts last week would prove to the world that was not the case.

I did however feel very productive on Sunday, and was able to (after a massive panic of not being able to clear my memory card) film a few videos.

On Sunday morning I like to sift through my makeup collection and pull items for the upcoming week, and it made me realize how many items I have bought because of the packaging. It’s actually almost embarrassing. I don’t normally buy for kitschy packaging, but it happens that’s for sure.

What have you bought that has left you with a pretty package and a sub-par product?

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