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Lash-O-Matic Review | It’s A Fart

This has been the week of Wet n’ Wild products ,and so far I have only reviewed products that I have liked. So I wanted to do a couple posts this week on the “farts”.

This is in reference to my Wet N Wild Full Face of products video.


Let’s talk about the Lash O Matic first. If you have been around for awhile you may have seen my epic rant of 2015 re:Younique and their stupid fibre mascara. So I have no clue why I thought this would blow my mind. Actually, let’s be totally honest here I’m not sure I ever had that expectation.

Price: 11.29

Claims: Lash-o-Matic Fiber Extension Kit gives you unbelievable length and unreal volume. The quick-drying priming and sealing mascara is oh-so-black and the lightweight nylon fibers stay put. This instant lash extension kit gives you the look of false lashes in three easy steps.


To be honest with you my first issue with this, is that as a whole, it does not give me better results than my regular $3 Essence mascara. Not even close, it’s actually worse.

Do you see those fibres in that picture on the white wand? They go on your lashes alright and promptly fall into your eyes every time you blink before you are able to “seal with the mascara”. The application of the fibres on top of the mascara does not work the way one would hope. That is for sure. They bunch together like little lash tumble weeds waiting to infiltrate your eyeball at the first sign of struggle. This in of itself, is not for me.

The second issue– of many, all of which I won’t list. Is that when you do actually go to seal on these fibres to your lashes, the mascara wand just pushes them back off, they stick onto the black mascara wand and go back into the tube. ClumpCity! This is not good for your mascara, or your eyes.

As of these claims, I don’t agree with any of them, I don’t need three steps to get nice eyelashes, I really only need one. Thanks for trying Wet n Wild!

I hold firm that fibre mascaras are just trouble waiting to happen. STAY AWAY!

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Liebster & Versatile Blogger Award #?

Good morrow to you all! I’m going to likely be posting twice today, because I want to get this out, as well as a thank you to the lovely humans who nominated me for these awards this time around. As I have recently just done these I intend to answer the questions asked of me however I will not be nominating anyone this time around. If you see this and you like it? POST IT! I nominate you!

My 2nd Liebster award comes from Revs-You, and here are her questions!

  • What is your dream job?
    • I’m not entirely sure, I would love to be a few things, freelance writer of my own mental nonsense, an Editor, a beauty blogger/YouTuber with some mild success. I don’t really have big dreams, I just want to be happy and stable.
  • If you won the lottery what is the first thing you’d buy?
    • A farm with a Kennel and a condo in the city. I would very much run a no kill shelter, that would save animals from all over the world.. Ala- Dog Tales in King City. 
  • At what age did you have your first date?
    • God knows, I was a man-eater from childhood.
  • What is your favorite food?
    • Pirogi’s
  • Are you scared of heights?
    • I’m not so much scared of heights, I’m more scared of plummeting to my death.
  • What is your best physical feature?
    • If you asked me, I would say my nose/profile if you asked a man, (and some women) they would probably say my boobs. I’m not being narcissistic, it’s just what I have been told.

My Versatile Blogger award came from Beat Around the Blush and I thank you very much my friend!

These are hard for me… 7 things about myself. Hmmmmm I just had to come up with 11, so now I need to come up with another 7, cripes. I don’t even know if there ARE that many facts about me.

  1. I really don’t like clutter, but I hate cleaning, so I just sit and stew about it.
  2. Most of the time I feel like a 15 year old boy trapped in an adult females body. I just want to go play outside and go skateboarding. Maybe go swimming and play on some seadoos. Also wrestle with dogs and have my mom make endless sandwiches for me…. From looking at me, you would never guess it. But that’s where I am at.
  3. I don’t mind wearing glasses. Laser surgery is an option, but I think my glasses have been with me for some long that they just kind of… work? They don’t bother me at all.
  4. It took me a VERY long time to get on board with Instagram, and for about a year the only posts I had were to mock hashtags and people trying to make their coffee table look artsy.
  5. People tell me EVERYTHING. I have no idea why, it’s my super power. I never ask, and I never tell. I feel like a storage unit for secrets sometimes. It does work for my personality of wanting to know everything though, and I take it as a compliment because it means people can trust in me.
  6.  I like pens and stationary and stickers. A lot. Enough that I bought a machine to make stickers.
  7. I would like to take  the following courses, Photography, Final Cut, Photoshop, Graphic Design.

That was hard. I actually had to stop multiple times and think about what to write, and that NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.

Thanks so much to those of you who have stopped by to visit with me today, and to Rev You and Beat around the Blush for the Nominations!

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Full Face of Products I Hate | Collab with Beauty by Kandi

Happy March 1st everyone, I disappeared on a weekday. I know right? How could I. This week has been an intense one, and my sleep schedule has been a write off. Excuses excuses.

There are a bunch of ideas swirling in my head, on what I want to write about for the rest of this week, and yes the rest of the Wet n Wild reviews are coming from my video on the weekend. However today is going to be a post of me ranting away about my night and how YouTube sometimes gets the best of me.

My friend Kandice and I (Team CKandice Woo!) decided I we were going to do a collaboration video on a full face of products that we hate/dislike, and post it last night. Me being the exceptionally organized person that I am, failed to make enough time on the weekend to actually film this video and go about my day, so I had to film, edit and upload all in one night, (last night).

Already being exhausted, I was moving pretty slowly and watching Kandice’s video first because she was able to get her shit together and get hers up before mine. Then I realize it’s not working, the audio is off, and I can’t get it to go past 33 seconds. Begrudgingly I let her know, as I don’t want to be the one to deliver the bad news. It is now live and working, so you should check her out. She’s funny, brilliant charming and sweet. Just like me. Humble too. Please subscribe to her if you like her content, it would mean the world to both of us, and she is pretty fantastic and genuine.

Fast forward to filming, and the editing done, I’m hitting upload with glee well past my bed time. I bound to my bed, jump in for my short winters nap before my alarm screeches my brain back to reality. Well. It didn’t so much work out like that. At 2 am, Diesel is laying beside my bed crying his eyes out (he’s a dog and he cries when he wants attention, I don’t have a baby laying on the floor crying and if I did I would probably have more questions than you right now.) I get up to let him out, and check my phone to see that multiple people have commented that the video does NOT WORK PAST 33 SECONDS!

I will never sleep knowing this, so I go into my office, and start to re-upload everything to make sure it works. Upload button depressed, and back in bed, after fetching Diesel from outside. Continue to stare at the ceiling for an hour, and contemplate why YouTube wants to challenge me so. I am convinced that it’s not me, it’s them. I fall asleep for one hour before my alarm headbutts me back into my office, ONLY TO SEE THAT THE UPLOAD HAS FAILED BECAUSE IT WAS A DUPLICATE. Which it doesn’t tell you until the upload is completely done.

So. Here we are. No pants, hair a mess, 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I have 30 mins to get my ass pulled together and be out the door for work, and this bitch doesn’t want to work. Yeah I swore, deal wit it. Fast as lightening I delete it all and hit re-upload again. I have lost the views and comments it did have and now I am very sad, however it seems to be working. Hope you enjoyed my epic story on how  YouTube tries my patience!

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Wet N’ Wild Liquid Cat Suit | Review and Kiss Test

Yeah you heard me, kiss test, but don’t get all on your high horse about me being blog pervy. I kiss my white dogs face, to test for transfer and he LOVES IT.


The Claims: 

  • Vivid Color
  • Ultra – Matte Finish
  • Comfortable Wear

The Ingredients 

Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Octyldodecanol, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Triacontanyl PVP, Propylene Carbonate, Silica Dimethyl Silyate, VPEicosene Copolymer, Polyethylene, Copernicia Cerifera Carnauba WaxCire de carnauba, Phenoxyethanol, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, Sorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol, MAY CONTAINPEUT CONTENIR Titanium DioxideCI 77891, Red 7 LakeCI 15850, Yellow 5 LakeCI 19140, Iron OxidesCI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Red 28 LakeCI 45410, Red 6CI 15850, Red 30 LakeCI 73360, Blue 1 LakeCI 42090, Yellow 6 LakeCI 15985 0716


Shade Range 


My Thoughts

I really liked these, and the wide array of shades they came in. They have a standard size doe foot applicator and went on flawlessly. The packaging is sleek and compact, and looks like it would ring in at a higher price point than $6. As for the claims that it they provide long wearing vivid colour and have a comfortable wear? Vivid colour… Check… Long wearing…. Half Check…. Comfortable wear… Half Check.

It’s not fair to call them uncomfortable because they aren’t, but to me something that is claiming to be comfortable is something that I should not be aware of. Throughout the day as these wore, I could feel them, I knew the product was on my lips and I could feel where it was starting to fade.

I thought based on the swatch that Berry Recognize would be patchy going onto the lips but it was definitely not. After one full swipe of colour I was good to go, and Flame of the Game hit it out of the park on pigment.

I purchased the shades Flame of the Game, and Berry Recognize. Swatches and application are available in my Full Face of Wet n Wild Products. IMG_2922.JPG

The Kiss Test 

I could NOT BELIEVE there was no transfer on my DZ boy! That is incredible, I kissed him about five times, all over his face, and there is not one little smudgin of transfer. This seems like a random and odd test if you haven’t been here before but this is very important to me. I don’t want to have to worry about kissing my pups because I might get lip stuff all over them!

 5/5 Wet n Wild!

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Tati sneaks up on the market with her own makeup line

There had been talks and some random speculation that Tati Westbrook of GlamLifeGuru on YouTube (one of the only large YouTubers I am still subscribed too) would be releasing her own makeup line. Those rumours didn’t last though, and we were left with Laura Lee, Manny and Jaclyn H with their promises of their own life changing line.

It has to be said, okay we get it guys, you can get your names on packaging now, and I dont want to take anyones dreams away, reach for the stars! but…. How many brands can the market handle? Should we have expected people to perhaps collaborate on one company? It may have been more successful, and the capital funding would have likely been higher.

ANYWHOO back to the reason you came which was the details on Tati. We don’t know much but we know it’s coming and within a month or two. Thank you for not doing what everyone else has been doing and been dropping hints for years and years. I hope it’s been in production for awhile, and we are going to reap the benefits.

I will post more details as I find them!

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Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review

Good Morning and Happy Monday,

After my first experience doing a full face with one brand I was surprised to find some products I really loved, and some I really didn’t.

For those of you interested in the video here it is, BUT I made promises for full reviews of the products I used so I am being sure to include them here throughout the week as promised.

So let’s start from the bottom up I suppose and go straight to the face products to start the week. (I’m skipping primer because it’s not that fun to review. It goes on your skin, it feels nice. WIN!)

Shade Range: 20, ranging from Porcelain to Mahogany, in a range of under tones.  ( I purchased soft beige)

Price: $6.29

Continue reading “Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review”

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Beauty Would you Rather?

Since I was basically MIA this weekend, I thought I would top of my Sunday with saying hello, and throwing down with the beauty would you rather. I’m not sure if I am just too philosophical in my thought processes, or what but there were so many nuances to these questions. Let’s see if our answers match up! Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be the most best friends 🙂

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