Imats Toronto Vendor List

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It’s that time of year again, where the leaves start to turn, the nights get cooler, and The International Makeup Artist Tradeshow comes to Toronto. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on the weekend of October 1st, it’s bound to be a place where faces are a competition, art is appreciated, and sales are scoured.

This years participants are listed below, and you can click on their names to check out their products! See you there!

  1. AJ CRIMSON Beauty
  2. Alcone Company
  3. Bare Minerals
  4. Bdellium Tools
  5. Beauty D
  6. BeautySoClean
  7. Benefit Cosmetics
  8. Bio Seaweed Gel
  9. Blur Makeup Room
  10. BUXOM 
  11. CiCi Fashion Brush
  12. Clinique
  13. Crimes of Beauty Apparel and Accessories
  14. DAO
  15. Dermablend Professional
  16. Dhemys Cosmetics
  17. Dose of Colors
  18. ESQIDO Mink Lashes
  19. EVE PEARL Beauty Brands
  20. Eye Kandy Cosmetics
  21. Golden Devon Beauty Supply
  22. Jordane Cosmetics
  23. Kat Von D Beauty
  24. Kryolan Professional Makeup
  25. Lady Moss Beauty
  26. LASplash Cosmetics
  27. The Lip Bar
  28. Lit Cosmetics
  29. London Brush Company
  30. Makeup Forever
  31. Mehron
  32. Melanie Mills Hollywood
  33. Morphe Brushes
  34. MUSST
  35. Naked Cosmetics
  36. Neveen Dominic Cosmetics
  37. Niki Garret Cosmetics
  38. NYX Cosmetics
  39. Royal & Langnickel Brushes
  40. Saint Cosmetics
  41. Sleek Brows Canada
  42. TEMPTU
  43. Veil Cosmetics
  44. Velour Lashes
  45. Violet Voss
  46. Virtzu Distribution
  47. Zprodux

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Boxycharm in Canada | August | Express Yourself

To start, if you prefer the video versions of unboxings please CLICK HERE for all of your video delights.

Secondly- if you have yet to enter my 1K Giveaway for the Nikki tutorials “Power of Makeup” palette, please do so HERE. It has many ways to enter and is very easy to do so! Not to mention your chances are pretty good because I am a pretty small youtuber. 🙂

That being said here are the items I received in this months Boxycharm. They are also improving their shipping times to Canada, and I received my box well before the end of the beginning of the next month.

  1. mascara.jpegMakeup Eraser AmpliMascara

    SRP- $23

My thoughts- After first use I am really not even 100% sure what this is supposed to do. It states it is a serum that will build up your lash to a full and thick natural look. When I applied it this morning it was like putting a clear coat on my lashes. However when I used it and then used another mascara on top I noticed the second mascara applied significantly better and definitely worked better than without the Amplimascara. Will have to continue use an report back!

2. Aloette Time Repair Serum
Repair serum.jpeg

SRP- $48

My thoughts- I really love receiving some really expensive skincare. You may think that reason is based on wanting to get stuff for cheap, but it truly isn’t. I am always curious to see if the expensive items are as good/better/not good compared to something for a fraction of the price. My skin is having some adult acne challenges recently, while still combating fine lines and frown lines. I am interested to see what this can do for me.

It is said to refine fine lines and wrinkles and is best to be use
d morning and evening. Once I have used up the rest of my Skin Inc from Toronto Gen Beauty I will have to give this a go.

shadow stick.jpeg3. Beauty For Real Shadow Stx

SRP- $19

My thoughts- No joke people, I am, as a rule, not a fan of shadow sticks. The only one I ever can ever make work and not crease like a silk shirt, is the Nyx milk pencil. Which really just goes under other shadows. This however… I LOVE. It is a beautiful shade, a bronze taupe, comes with a sharpener on the bottom, and is send with a precise tip instead of just some dull bowling ball looking applicator. If you have never tried applying make up with a bowling ball, I assure you. It’s not easy. I fell asleep with the swatch I had done during the video on my hand. I slept all night with that little swatch, and he was dedicated. It wasn’t a one night stand. Not even a smear. Stayed put. I wore it today with a little bit of dark brown in the crease from the trusty old Naked Basics palette and wow…what an easy look.  Huge win, recommend 10/10.

Dirty little secret.jpeg4. Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

SRP- $10

My thoughts- I have been loving any kind of long wearing red lip the last few weeks. This swatch also went to bed with me, and had to be removed with makeup removing oil this morning. I am VERY about anything that needs to be pried off. I run around all day at work and don’t have a mirror handy. Who wants to be worried that there will be a big red smear all over your face? This isn’t war ladies, it’s just an office job. The formula dried quickly on the hand, however I have not had a chance to try it out on the lips yet. I didn’t think it would be a fair go considering I had basically the same shade with a similar formula on yesterday. That price point though… what lipstick is $10 anymore?

Palette.jpeg5. Coastal Scents Blush + Bronzer Mini Palette

SRP- $13.95+ $6

My thoughts- Full disclosure I did not use this yet. The swatches were pigmented and I do appreciate the shade range available. The brush is soft and felt nice to the touch. I needed a travel contour brush so I am happy with that. I am not sure I would use any of these bronzers to contour as they are all fairly sparkly, but for travel and something you aren’t too worried about I would definitely take it away with me for a few different options in an easy compact place. I also l really liked that the shades are SIGNIFICANTLY different. So help me god, if I got another contour kit that the bronzers are essentially the same on the skin I might have flown off the handle.

All in all this was an EXCELLENT box and I am very happy with my subscription with Boxycharm thus far. We will have to wait and see how Ipsy fairs this month. I have traded in my points, because I have decided if this bag is a let down that I will be discontinuing my relationship with them. Its been a good run, but sometimes it is just time!

If you are interested in subscribing to Boxycharm please hit the link HERE and it will take you right on over to their website. The subscription is about $35 a month 🙂

As a quick sidebar, I have to say I have ALSO been loving Just Fab… I hate it when I like gimmicky stuff, I feel so sucked in! If you are interested in checking them out here is my referral link. YES it helps me, NO I am not a corporate shill for them  I just think they are an excellent service and for the price their products are excellent.

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1K Giveaway!

Hi everyone! So happy to announce that I have finally hit 1000 subscribers on Youtube! After just over a year and a half of plugging away my goal has been hit.

To celebrate I am planning to do a thank you give away for everyone, that will be hosted on my channel as well as here. Normally I have a really good idea of what I want to give away, but this time I am at a bit of a loss.

So here is my ask, What are you lusting after right now? Do you want to see a drugstore giveaway of holy grails? Or a Youtube Collab themed giveaway? Tell me what’s on your wishlist so I can compile a list of products and pick them up for you lovely people!

To make sure you can enter the giveaway make sure you head over and Subscribe to my Channel!


The Long Awaited Palette Collection

This has been a long time coming. It’s been close to a year since my original video of my whole makeup collection. If you are interested you can find that old school video HERE. I refer to it as old school because since then we have had an entire bathroom renovation, where my collection and I were relocated to our loft, which also doubles as my office and filming room, and is in desperate need of a face-lift all in itself.

Before you get to the video leave me a comment of what your favorite palette is (and why if there is a standout reason) So I can go try it out if I don’t have it! 

I should have went through and counted how many I actually had to see how insane I have been over the last few years. At last count I think I was roaming around about 2000 shadows in total. (In my defense, some of those palettes have tiny 120 pans in them).

I would also love to know if anyone would be interested in a video of me smashing a palette I hate with a hammer… comment Hammer Time if you do!

Leave your blog down below and I will check it out and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, because me loves to chat and tweeter and instagrammmer! @Ccosmeticchaos 🙂


Hot Summer Nights | July Ipsy

I want to sit here and tell you I am not disappointed in Ipsy this month, but I can’t.

Here is the video if you are that kind of person who would rather just know whats up without reading. I was going to jot down a few thoughts about it as well but at this point I am actually so pissed about the quality of it that I can’t deal with it.

Hope you enjoyed this very rushed video, but at least it is out there and probably one of the more honest ones!  Please subscribe and follow the blog if this is your first visit, it truly means the world to me 🙂



Boxycharm comes to Canada….

Check out my first experience as a Canadian Boxycharmer. What were your thoughts on the box if this is your first time?

I can’t even believe it, two videos in one week. MIND BLOWN.

This is an overall review of the box as well as the experience in regards to price shipping etc, so if you are expecting a glowing makeup video this might be the one for you, if you do like it however please click through and subscribe to my channel, I am dreaming of hitting 1000 subs, and I am so so close, I would love for you to be a part of my family 🙂

If you want to check out Boxycharm, here is a referral link: yeah yeah referral links for everything these days.