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I finally did it – Palette Declutter

There is a time in one's life when you just have to do it. You just have to go through your shit and see what really brings you joy and what you are lying about... I did the palette declutter, and although challenging was actually totally purifying of my mental state. I also created a… Continue reading I finally did it – Palette Declutter

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Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!

This is an interesting theory which I have never really thought about until recently, and now I feel like I have been sucked in without even noticing it. I wish I could remember who originally came up with this theory but I know it was a YouTuber, and if I can ever find them I… Continue reading Read this before you head to the Makeup Aisle!

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Too Faced SugarPop | First Impression and Tutorial

After having used so much of my Artist Palette by ABH I figured I should give my Too Faced  sugar pop palette some love! Check out my tutorial and first impression video 🙂 You can check out the swatches here Connect with me Twitter Instagram Facebook Youtube