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Rimmel Magnif’eyes Colour Edition

Good Morning all, I picked up the Rimmel Magnif'eyes colour edition palette up earlier in the weekend, because I just can't help myself. It's not often you see a truly colourful palette coming from the original drugstore brands, so I thought I would give'r a shot. My thoughts are mixed, and mildly confused. The Claims… Continue reading Rimmel Magnif’eyes Colour Edition

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Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 2 | First Impression & Review

Back to beauty... After I made my way back to Sephora return the KVD Featherweight PrimerĀ  and a MUFE HD foundation that was too dry for me during the summer. (Much disappoint) I decided to let Makeup Forever keep some of my money and I picked up one of their new palettes. The bright one.… Continue reading Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 2 | First Impression & Review