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This Week on @Trendmood1 | Carts & Farts

These posts seem to be fairly popular so I think I will leave it as a standing scheduled post for the end of the week. How do we feel about that? Good? Good. BH Cosmetics Diamond Dazzlers TOOOOOOOOOOT - I WANT to like things like this. Actually, I DO like things like this, but I… Continue reading This Week on @Trendmood1 | Carts & Farts

Nail Polish

Some Recent Nail Polish Deals

I seem to be on a week of nail polish. On a recent visit to Marshalls. I picked up some pretty sweet nail colours.for cheap. Also to add to that I picked up an in-market Essie polish at Dollarama for $3. The likelihood that colour will end up in my favourites is pretty high as… Continue reading Some Recent Nail Polish Deals