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L’oreal Enchanted Paradise

Every so often a line just SHOWS up and I am caught off guard, with a 'Where the F did that come from?' That happened last week while perusing Walmart. I went to buy an outdoor broom so it makes perfect sense that I would immediately end up in the beauty aisle. Because. Cough. That's… Continue reading L’oreal Enchanted Paradise


My Palette Collection

My apologies for two video posts in such quick succession, however I need to call out my failure in time management this weekend. I managed to take little to no blog pictures, as well as instagram photots. I slept in both days, and I normally take all my required photos between 6am and 8am on… Continue reading My Palette Collection


Palettes I Didn’t Buy and Why!

Over a few weeks of discussion Kaily B and I have finally pulled ourselves together to do our first collab in a few years. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Kaily for doing this with me, and is has impacted me in such a positive way, I am truly grateful to have… Continue reading Palettes I Didn’t Buy and Why!

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Can we all settle down on the drama?

Guys... It's not that serious. It's just make up. If it's not working for you. Return it. What am I referring to you may wonder? Well... Let me just rustle up a screen cap of what a search on YouTube gets you for "Subculture review" I much prefer to stay away from reviews of new… Continue reading Can we all settle down on the drama?

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L’oreal La Palette #1 | First Impression & Swatch

I know you got a review of #2 first, but in my defence those colours work better for my eye colour and skin tone. That being said, I like this one just as much and for anyone looking for similar colours to Naked 1, I would say this will do that job for you at… Continue reading L’oreal La Palette #1 | First Impression & Swatch