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Bright Valentines Makeup | Ft Electric Palette

Happy Valentines day friends! For those of you being chased by a naked child with a weapon please stay safe, and know that just because cupid looks like a kid doesn’t mean he is. He is legitimately a tiny adult wearing a diaper. Be weary.

I thought I would try my hand at a non conventional makeup look for Valentines. I am aware that not everyone likes/celebrates the Vday. I am on the no celebration side of Valentines, even though its technically my husband and I’s anniversary as well.

This is what I came up with!


I never smile in my pictures, not entirely sure why but here we are! Facetune_10-02-2018-12-38-20.JPG

Products are listed below with some instruction 🙂

IMG_2290.JPGFeatured Palette: Urban Decay Electric Palette (No longer available, so shop your stash!)

Step 1: IMG_2289.JPG

Take the shade Savage on a large fluffy brush and blend into the crease higher than you normally would, we are going for big and blown out! If you think its not enough thats okay, we can go back in after and add to it. Always remember, it’s easier to add than to take away.

Step 2: IMG_2285

On a small flat shader brush take the shade Jilted and place it in the inner and outer corner of your eye, leaving the center of your lid blank. Again this is just our base shades, so if they are messy thats okay, we are going to blend blend blend eventually anyway!

IMG_2288.JPGStep 3:

Using the shade Slowburn, pack that on the lid where you left the blank space. If you want this shade to stand out more, use a white base beneath it. (Concealer works too). This is meant to pop out and give more definition to the look. I didn’t use a white base, because well, lazy.

Step 4: IMG_2287.JPG

Use the shade Urban and deepen the outer V and the inner corner, also smudge this same shade along your lower lashline. I personally like my lower lash line to be a bite more ‘aggressive’ but how much you add is obviously entirely up to your creative genius.

Step 5: 

This is where you go back into each shade, and either deepen or blend to your hears content. Do you want the purple to really stand out? The pink, or the coral? Go back into the shades and add more to blend together, and Voila!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me on Valentines day, and I can’t wait to see some of the looks you have created! Please tag me on Instagram to check out your ideas, or if you recreated this look 🙂

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Products I’ve Changed my Mind About | Essence Lash Princess

Mascaras and I are a thing. We have the most abusive relationship you could possibly get with a makeup product. There have been many trials and tribulations, ups and downs, etc etc. I have even kicked them out of my house for months at a time.

One of the  YouTube favourites is the Essence Lash Princess, which can be purchased for about $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. So I clearly picked it up because it was going to change my world. Obviously it didn’t, because as previously mentioned me and 90% of mascaras? Nope. We just don’t get along. Into the drawer it went.


Since starting shop my stash, I have been pulling out products and giving them a second chance.  HOLY HELL am I glad I did!

There is not a laundry list of products that I have made such a violent 180 on, but wowza. This elongates and adds volume while still holding an impressive curl. The brush is thin and easy to work with as well, after about three coats this is where we are at.IMG_2314.JPGIMG_2318.JPG

What are your products that you have changed your mind on? Hated at first, and loved after a revisit? This is why shopping our stashes is so important!

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January Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

Good Morning and happy Sunday!

Another month, another week, another day, another dollar. We are going to start off this week with the beauty and lifestyle favourites that either came into my life in January, or things I have rediscovered and completely love.

Thank you for stopping by, hope your February is starting off amazing. Let’s be internet friends!

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Lipstick Collection & Declutter

Guys, I finally got up the balls to do a REAL declutter, I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I had gotten with my lip products, I was almost hitting 300, who could use this much? Not me obviously, especially since I didn’t even like half of them.

I recorded my collection and my declutter, and to be honest, it was fairly savage, with almost half of the collection gone in the end. Some old and expired, some I don’t like, or have terrible formulas. This seems wasteful, but many were also sent in PR, so I try not to feel too bad. It’s a great video to leave on in the background if nothing 🙂

Thanks so much for watching/reading, and feel free to leave your links below.

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Shop My Stash Week 1

Shop my stash has become fairly important to me, for those of you that don’t know what the premise of this is… It’s basically a way to realize if you actually like something that is sitting in your collection, or if you only keep it there because it feels nice to have a pile of make up that IF toppled could kill a small village.

These are the products I chose for last week with a quick explanation of how I feel about them, and if they are stash or trash.

Continue reading “Shop My Stash Week 1”

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Small Makeup Declutter..

I have to do this in baby steps but I do know this is something that needs to be done. At the beginning of the year I sat down and started pulling out some items from my collection that I KNOW I don’t use. It’s been well over a year, or they are just products that I know don’t work for me, and never will.

I do intend to keep up with weekly “Use it or lose it baskets” Which will be products I pull from collection to use during that week/two week period, and if they are still not used I will declutter them. There will also be some videos coming of bigger purges as well I am sure.

So to start.. here is what I have done so far.

Drugstore Eyeshadows 

I see a lot of products here, that I bought when they were on sale, or bought strictly to review knowing they weren’t really for me. Carry on for a more detailed breakdown of what and why these products are here.  Continue reading “Small Makeup Declutter..”

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Brands I rarely buy from: Huda Beauty

Everyone and their mother has a make up line these days. Except me and my mother. What the hell Mom?

The first time I had ever heard of Huda beauty I was confused. I had no idea who this person was or why everyone was freaking out about it. HudHuda.jpga was an ultimate stranger to me. Could have been a hobo for all I knew. Turns out nope, Huda was living in Dubai and working in finance, and really not happy where her career was headed. So she made the shift to beauty and being a beauty influencer. The top beauty influencer in the world at that… where had I been? Living under a giant rock under at the bottom of the ocean it would seem

Her first launch came in the form of false eyelashes (which I rarely wear), and then a few lip products, and she is now dabbling in foundation and eyeshadow palettes as well.

Screen-Shot-2016-09-28-at-9.35.17-AM.pngAll I own from this company is their first eye shadow palette, the Textured Rose Gold Shadow palette. Although I found it to be “ok” it was not quiet on the value point I needed it to be. Ringing in around $85 CAD for 18 shadows, ($4.70 per shadow)  it really needed to be amazing. Unfortunately it fell short of the mark. Not short enough that I returned it, but definitely to a point where I would not recommend it to others. There are too many more affordable options that perform much better in my opinion.

As far as the brand is concerned I feel as though they are laying their pricing bench marks on Huda’s popularity on social media and not on the quality of their products, I have heard there have been some improvements made since I have purchased this palette, but the entire thing put a foul taste in my mouth, and I have been disinterested ever since.

Have you tried anything from Huda? Should I give her another shot?