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Project Pan | 13 by Halloween

I was recently invited to join a huge collaboration of YouTubers who are participating in the 13 by Halloween seasonal project pan. There will BE success this time! I promise you there will. For anyone who doesn't remember what happened last time. I picked a bunch of products ranging from face products to perfume and… Continue reading Project Pan | 13 by Halloween


The Best High End Highlighters

Good morning all! Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday (and TGIT if you are a Shonda fan)! Did you have a lovely Valentines day? I celebrated by being exhausted and running around like a crazy person all day and night preparing for being a way for the rest of the week. I know sob story.… Continue reading The Best High End Highlighters


Stila | A Whole Lot of Love | Holiday Sets 2015

I have a whole lot of love for this time of year in the beauty industry. This is when the manufacturer's save up all their good ideas and smash them all out onto the market at the same time so I go perpetually broke every fall. Thanks team I appreciate it.  To start off the… Continue reading Stila | A Whole Lot of Love | Holiday Sets 2015