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Lash-O-Matic Review | It’s A Fart

This has been the week of Wet n' Wild products ,and so far I have only reviewed products that I have liked. So I wanted to do a couple posts this week on the "farts". This is in reference to my Wet N Wild Full Face of products video. Let's talk about the Lash O… Continue reading Lash-O-Matic Review | It’s A Fart

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Younique…. Stop spamming my life.

I can't even get over how irritating I find these people. Since I have been in the social media beauty world, I have been contacted countless times to sell the Younique Fibre lash stuff. I am tagged in their photos, I have people contacting me on facebook, twitter, and basically any possible platform. I have… Continue reading Younique…. Stop spamming my life.