1235333_10151920881634853_190460082_nAre you as frustrated as I am with the beauty world?

I have been feeling the frustration lately…. in a saturated market where beauty is looked so fondly upon and we are expected to be airbrushed…. What are we doing about it? What products are we buying?

I don’t want to watch anymore YouTube videos that talk about using a product for less than 30 days and how “obsessed” they are with it. We can’t be obsessed with everything. It just isn’t possible.

Comment on what you would like to see swatches or reviews of. I am here to be honest and provide information as a person who is impartial to the beauty guru world. I am un-sponsored, uncensored and want to bring as much truth and passion to this industry as I am able to.

If you prefer video reviews etc check out my Youtube Channel here: Ccosmetic Chaos

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