Stila | A Whole Lot of Love | Holiday Sets 2015

I have a whole lot of love for this time of year in the beauty industry. This is when the manufacturer's save up all their good ideas and smash them all out onto the market at the same time so I go perpetually broke every fall. Thanks team I appreciate it.¬† To start off the… Continue reading Stila | A Whole Lot of Love | Holiday Sets 2015


Update on Kevyn Aucoin Video | Review and Demo Video

Well that took forever didn't it? Sorry guys, puppy had to have her surgery this week, and I didn't handle it so well. I was a mess. Apparently I am a bit baby these days! Anywhoozle, here is the updated review and demo video!

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Ipsy Products October 2015 | Alter Ego

When that pink shiny bubblemailer lands in my mail box, I know it's time. Time to get my ass up to the office and film and unbagging video. It has to be legit, I can't peak at anything, or open the bag before I can do so with my subscribers and my online friends. It's… Continue reading Ipsy Products October 2015 | Alter Ego

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Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book Vol. 2 | Review and Swatches

In my Birthday Haul video lots of people asked to see a demo and review of the Kevin Aucoin Contour Book. ¬†With such requests, here it is! Online Description & Price: $78 (sephora.com) What it is: A portable contour palette with every shade needed to redefine the look of your face along with detailed instructions… Continue reading Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book Vol. 2 | Review and Swatches


Birthday Haul | Dirty 30

Morning beauties! Just a quick video haul this morning. Hope your Canadian thanksgiving was amazing! My first shot at using Final Cut Pro!

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Quick How To: Rejuvenate Your Dip Brow

I have been using my ABH dip brow daily for almost a year. It is a holy grail product for me, and the first thing that really let me get a handle on my brows. One eyebrow is almost half the size of the other, so it needs a bit more love than the other.… Continue reading Quick How To: Rejuvenate Your Dip Brow

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An Open Letter to Lorac

Dear Lorac (Carol) I hope this finds you well, and congratulate you on an incredible product line. However, please sell in Canada. I love your pro products so much and Amazon.com just can't satisfy my needs. I see you releasing products that I would like to touch and put on my face. I want to… Continue reading An Open Letter to Lorac

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Morphe Palette Love

You know those days when you believe that something you buy is not going to work out, like it's going to be the biggest disappointment of your life? Well THIS AIN'T THAT DAY! Morphe wasn't listed on the vendor list for Imat's Toronto this year, but they were there, and I spent my WHOLE time… Continue reading Morphe Palette Love

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My Venture to the Big Apple | GenBeauty NYC

It's been two weeks since my last conf.... wait.. blog post... HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? Holy moly... concrete jungle is no joke... And sorry Toronto but New York is just a way better version of you that doesn't smell as bad. Really either way I still love you but damn this was an… Continue reading My Venture to the Big Apple | GenBeauty NYC