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An Open Letter to Lorac

Dear Lorac (Carol)

I hope this finds you well, and congratulate you on an incredible product line. However, please sell in Canada. I love your pro products so much and just can’t satisfy my needs.

I see you releasing products that I would like to touch and put on my face. I want to use your amazing limited edition palettes, and buy them and throw my money at you. You won’t let me. Why? Why only Ulta?

I feel discriminated against as a Canadian. I would love to be able to get my grubby little hands on the Lorac Mega Pro 2, but alas, it is not released on Amazon which was my only option.


Please help.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lorac”

      1. I don’t blame you. I found some old Sephora catalogs while cleaning out my spare room. They also used to sell Cargo, Vincent Longo… I have to be the only one who remembers when Hard Candy was a high end brand & Bobbi Brown stuff was at Charlotte Russe.


  1. I would totally send you one! I bet the shipping isn’t too bad from Minnesota to Canada. You should message me on FB if you want me to look at the details for that!

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  2. I bought the pro one and two and it came to $147 with the dollar exchange and shipping. The best part is that everything was paid so no surprise when it was delivered!

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    1. I am definitly going to look in that, thanks for the idea! I think I tried to buy one of the Laura Mercier palettes from them and the shipping was crazy, but with that price it actually makes sense to order from Nordstrom. There is seriously nothing worse then having to pay duty at the door for a product you think you have already paid for.


  3. So obnoxious they don’t sell in Canada! Instead of sending an email to LORAC, I’ve actually sent an email to Shoppers to tell them about this golden opportunity to be the exclusive carrier of LORAC. They seem to like to have exclusivity to other brands like Bourjois and Essence. The OTHER possibility is that with Nordstrom opening stores in Canada, maybe they will stock LORAC here? Since they do carry that brand:
    Cross your fingers! 🙂

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