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Product Review Smashbox Contour Sticks

In my Sephora shopping post I had picked up the Smashbox Contour Sticks. I was so amped up to try these, and try out something other than powder contour.  I took them out of the package ready and waiting for the game changing sticks to tumble out with their fancy sharpener.

Out the come, from the wrong end of the packaging, and tumble all over my floor . No big deal, pick those babies up. They swatched beautifully, creamy, lovely and heavenly on my hand.

s1669779-main-hero-300The next day I go to use the contour shade and draw a small line on my face just under my cheek bone. I use my beauty blender to blend it out, then I use my stippling brush to blend it out, then I use my foundation brush to blend it out… and I STILL had the exact same line on my face. Like I had been drawn on with a sharpie! I WAS SO UPSET!

I returned them the next day, I have no interest in having to blend in a product, especially a cream product, with sandpaper. I am all about exfoliation, but these were just too much. $52 back in the bank account for me!

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