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Shade & Light Eyes | Swatches

Morning everyone!

I am excited to be bringing you these swatches. I thought I would be waiting for this little ladyforever but I was actually able to pick it up in the Sephora sale event on Sunday.

Shadelight Shadelight swatches

Swatches are done with no primer, and two swipes of a finger. They are smooth, they are lovely. They are of the utmost quality eyeshadow. All shades are matte and the top three on the palette are ginormous. I also love that the packaging matches the contour kit. I’m just a sucker for sets.

This palette is best for people who are looking for the beautiful naturally contoured eye. I think of Addison Montgomery when I think of who would use this palette.  addison-montgomery_pictureboxart_160w images-3

I’m in love. Don’t tell my husband.

Stay tuned for some looks later in the week!

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