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Beauty and the Photo Editor

After being in this community and spending more time on social media since starting my blog and Youtube channel, I have noticed some things that have been eating away at me.

1) Beauty Face

For those of you who don’t know what beauty face is, let me show you. This isn’t an amazing picture of me by any means but it gets my point across. I am using photos of myself because I don’t want to call anyone out on using it, however if you do, you know who you are.

20150318_093443 copy20150318_093459 copy20150526_223123 20150526_223143

Basically… it blurs your whole face and gives you a “flawless” complexion. Read: super creepy weird impossibly perfect doll skin with no contours. We are in a beauty industry so I get it, you don’t want to put yourself out there for people to criticize, but don’t use this feature on your phone and act like you don’t. It’s cheap, and you look crazy.

2) Instagram Filters

I know they are there to enhance, and enhance slightly is okay. Recently as I have gotten much more active on Instagram, they are rampant. Products aren’t true to colour, skin tone is completely altered, facial features have no contour, the sun isn’t even the right colour. Stop it. We know the sun doesn’t shine blue. I won’t call specific people out on this either. Sorry for the lack of examples.

3) Photoshopped makeup

How are we supposed to be teaching beginners how to do products that we can’t give an accurate representation to? How are we impacting our readers and viewers positively when we are basically setting them up for failure. I have an example for this. I will filter out the poster, as to not draw specific attention to any culprits.

IMG_1442 2

GURRRRLLLLL!!!? Why you ain’t got no knuckles? You might want to get that looked at… also your face… is plastic? (The watermark on this photo is not who’s account I got this from so it is unclear who actually altered it to this point).

Not to start your Wednesday on a grumpy or negative note. I just… can we be a little bit more real here? No one looks like this in real life, we can make changes and we can contour etc… but why do we need to filter and photoshop everything to the point where it is so obviously fake?


13 thoughts on “Beauty and the Photo Editor”

  1. I know I am guilty of using the sun on my iPhone to make things brighter because it can be so dark especially on my Instagram photos, but other than that I don’t edit my photos through apps or photoshop. I do love Photogrid though to combine pictures. I wish I could hide my under eye circles but they are there in every picture lololol. It is funny because sometimes when I look through IG photos I think how do they look so flawless. My liquid lipsticks never look as good on as the people on there and it is frustrating but all I can do is keep practicing. I wish I could have those lights that mirrors have to make you look flawless follow me everywhere xoxo Janet

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  2. I’m still on the beauty face thing… so creepy… but the pics I post on instagram are either screenshots from my videos or front facing camera photos. I’m way too lazy to photoshop my pictures.

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  3. The first time I saw the results of the beauty setting on a friends camera, I thought it was magical! And then I started to notice that Vaseline-on-the-lens look on tons of pictures in my news feed that I would have previously thought were ‘natural’. I felt very naive.

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    1. It actually infuriates me when I see it on beauty bloggers websites. It’s like a lie. I understand certain things will be photoshopped but I see beauty face all the time and the people using it completely deny it


  4. Ok so beauty face… totally just discovered it last week! This will sound so dumb but I thought my phone was focusing when that little yellow circle would show up until the other day someone made a comment about how perfect my skin looked… I thought to myself, why yes it does look rather radiant (in real life it has improved) butttttttttt wait! WTF, where are all my freckles!!?? So I totally understand how this can be frustrating 🙂 I don’t care too much… buttttttttttt it does really bother me if shades are not showing up true to color. How am I supposed to tell if I like something or not if you aren’t depicting it correctly!!?? Great post!

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      1. Really!?? That bad!? You totally should… you could black out the eyes or something for privacy!? IDK. It sucks cause you have to source them which means PINGBACK lol.


  5. Like your first commenter said I lighten my photos only to make them a little clearer. Since my eyesight is so bad it can be challenging winging it but I’m of the opinion that we need more authenticity. Sick of the use of photoshop for the purpose of adjusting people. Great post!!


  6. agree completely. I love filters and even edit sometimes- on my personal insta. I would never put it on my blog/makeup one because like you said it’s completely inaccurate. I love how people who do the last one always say ‘its to not draw attention away from the lips’ or ‘to make the lips stand out’ but I guess they don’t realize that they are perpetuating the idea that people have no pores or wrinkles around their mouths whatsoever.

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