Project Pan 2015, Youtube

May Project Pan & Empties Update

Welcome back and Happy Monday!

Starting off the week with some empties and getting rid of some stuff!

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7 thoughts on “May Project Pan & Empties Update”

      1. Hehe, that’s ok, just save them up and do a bunch at once. Someone suggested splitting up makeup and doing that alone but it takes soooooo long to finish makeup that I don’t know if that’s for me. Anyways, I watched the whole thing, so it couldn’t have been THAT lame hahaha 🙂


  1. I understand how crazy it is hitting eyeshadow pan with all these palettes. The only one I have hit pan on was a large sized MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Does anyone even remember how long it’s been since they made the regular eyeshadows in two sizes? Yeeeeaaaaaah. I finally had to let it go…

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