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Tips to Care for Long Healthy Hair

After leaving my long black tresses for so long without dying out my greys I have been rehashing a lot of my hair care tips and tricks. My experience at the salon was great and I found a stylist who can do a blow out that “blows” my mind. Such a great find.  I used to put serious work into my hair and will be again so I will share some secrets with you.

The before and after dye job and blow out

Hair Type: Long, Fine, Colour Treated, Sporadic Greys, Lots’ O Hair

Tip # 1

Shampoo and Conditioners

Keep those babies sulfate freeimgres

Only shampoo your roots.

Only condition your ends

Only wash your hair every few days if you can. (The more days between your washes the better) It strips natural oils that keep your hair healthy.

Try and leave your conditioner on for five – ten minutes. Put it on your ends and leave it while you do the rest of your showering shenanigans

Tip # 2

Natural Ingredient Hair Mask

Do a Hair Mask/Deep Conditioner Once a Week


Pure Almond Oil for strength, put this on the last 3-4 inches of your hair, don’t put too much, the protein can end up damaging your hair. This you can leave overnight as long as you use a smaller amount. Only do this once a month, on an off week that you don’t feel you need the coconut oil.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil melt some down and apply throughout the hair, try and stay away from the roots as it can take a few tries to wash out. Twist hair up into a clip and put on a shower cap if you have one. If you want to speed up the process, blow dry your clipped up hair. (Like sitting under the dryer at the salon) It will help the oils penetrate the hair and do a better job. If you are applying heat you only need about 15-20 minutes, if you are just letting it sit, about an hour is good.

Make sure you wash out the oils thoroughly, it can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy if it is not washed out properly.

Tip # 3

After Shower Care

DO NOT TOWEL DRY YOUR HAIR. This is one of those things that everyone says to do, just DON’T; it is so bad. Towels are made of terry cloth, and terry cloth does a fantastic job of damaging hair. The fibres in the fabric grab damaged hair and just split it apart. Don’t turban your hair either. Everyone does it, your hair is very fragile when it iimgres-3s wet and incredibly prone to damage.

Alternative: Use an old cotton T-shirt. SQUEEZE the excess water out of your tresses with the t-shirt. Don’t tousle the hair, just squeeze. imgres-4

Stay away from the heat tools if you can. If you can’t, use heat protectant sprays. I have been able to train my hair to the point of not needing a flat iron anymore. NEVER use a curling iron, I only use a curling wand. No clamp=less damage.

imgres-5Use a De-Taimgres-6ngler / Leave in Conditioner: I can’t brush my hair out at all unless I spray in a leave in de-tangler. I also recommend picking up a tangle tamer brush. They are so great for fine hair, or very tangly hair. When you are combing out wet hair, make sure to start from the bottom and work your way up as well.

Tip # 4

Keep your hair out of top knots, pony tails and anything that involved pulling on the scalp or using a hair tie. You want to use hair clips as much as possible. Hair ties cause damage to the hair where they sit all the time and they are hard on your hair follicles being pulled so tight. 

That’s all for now folks! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! 

10 thoughts on “Tips to Care for Long Healthy Hair”

      1. I know!! And then I wonder why my hair is so frizzy :-(. But I loooooove the Its a Ten Miracle Hair Mask. Its expensive but so freaking worth it.

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    1. These are supposed to be eroganimacly correct. It’s not good to just brush your hair when it’s wet you are correct. It’s better to comb it out. That’s where these brushes come in handy. I would recommend going to a beauty supply store like Sally beauty because they are about half the price of the ones at Sephora and are exactly the same thing!

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  1. As with makeup, you get what you pay for. Invest in your hair girls! especially if your paying to get it professionally colored, don’t just wash that down the drain. Quality ingredients go into the, yes I know more expensive shampoos and conditioners but the alternative is cheap detergents and silicone that dry the hair out and then cover the damage.

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