#TBT | Too Faced Sugar Pop

Good morning and happy Friday junior. It’s almost time for the weekend and hopefully some better weather.

It’s been pretty crappy here in Ontario with more ice and snow storms to round out our mid April, so I am doing my best to keep my head above water by using as many bright and shiny colours as I can. Spring will be summoned here by my eyeshadow whether it likes it or not.

This weeks throwback Thursday is brought to you by the letter “S”, and the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette. I know lot’s of you have this in your collections because it was a pretty big hit when it came out, so I hope this makes you remember a past love.

Here are my original thoughts on this palette.

And the tutorial to bring back the love! There seems to be a few haters on my channel (which is partially exciting and partially awesome because that means someone pays attention to me to the point where they hate me), but unfortunately for the YouTube algorithm, the more dislikes you get, they bury your content. So if you DO love me (which I hope you do), please give me a thumbs up or engage on the video in some way, I would deeply appreciate it! Lets show those haters who’s boss!


Thank you so much for watching and spending your time with me!

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