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L’oreal Enchanted Paradise

Every so often a line just SHOWS up and I am caught off guard, with a ‘Where the F did that come from?’ That happened last week while perusing Walmart. I went to buy an outdoor broom so it makes perfect sense that I would immediately end up in the beauty aisle. Because. Cough. That’s where the brooms are. STOP LOOKING AT ME.

e0b297a044489f421623adfadcc07d01.jpgThe Enchanted Paradise line, was sitting on a random end cap looking all pink and cute, and I was like ‘Hey baby whats up.’ I love L’oreal,  not even sure why, their products are typically more expensive in the drugstore game.

It is a peach scented line, with four blushes and one eyeshadow palette with 12 shadows. I was surprised to see it and not have heard of it before. However the blushes were opened, and all of them were not there. So in typical Candice fashion, I stuck with the palette on its own. To be honest? I wasn’t expecting much. The Loreal La Palettes, were ‘ok’ but not amazing, and nothing to write home to mother about, so I didn’t expect much more from this one.

Here are my overall thoughts on wear time, and the palette itself 🙂

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5 thoughts on “L’oreal Enchanted Paradise”

    1. Oh, further into the video you say you’re in Canada. I can’t believe the price difference. I paid less than $15, though can’t remember the exact price.


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