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Epic Beauty Finds at Winners

Happy Independence Day ‘Murica!

For those Americans who don’t know what Winners is, it’s basically Marshalls/TjMaxx only better. (They are all owned by the same company inclusive of Homesense as well). I went to one of my local winners that I don’t frequent too often… There are four close to me but one is small so I rarely hit it up, under the assumption that it isn’t as good due to it’s size. I should know better, size isn’t all that matters!

What did I find while there? A whoooole plethera of goodies. I am suspicious if many of the products were brought there after the Estee Lauder sale couldn’t sell through them.

Mac Palettes, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Smashbox, Becca… oh my!


Most of it was still in good shape too, which if you have been into one of these discount stores you know it’s difficult to find something that hasn’t been touched all over by grubby little fingers. You might have guessed my face looked a bit like this when I started seeing all these lovely products.

What did I buy when I was there? Does anyone remember the Jaclyn Hill X Becca Debacle? Where she basically released a palette that was inconsistently made? To the point where they let people return it for their money back after any amount of time and pulled it from the shelves? Yeah me to. That was bullshit. I have never in my life seen that happen, until just recently when she DID IT AGAIN WITH MORPHE.


Anyway, I digress, at the time I wasn’t interested in the palette, I heard it was shit, and wasn’t going to take the risk for the $50 they were charging us sweet sweet Canadians. But I WOULD pay $19 for it from Winners just to talk shit about it if it truly was bad. What do you know? It’s awesome. I seriously wanted to talk shit about it, and now I can’t. I want to say I’m disappointed but I’m not because its beautiful, and is my first experience with Becca eye shadows.

I also picked up the Too Faced Natural Eyes. It would seem that after my palette declutter 2601771.jpgI needed another hit of that heroine, because since posting it, I have bought three new ones. Two neutral based and one brights. (I’m patiently awaiting your arrival Violet Voss Flamingo).  I believe I paid somewhere in and around $20 for this one as well.

Do you want to know what else I bought at Winners? Pens. Glorious pens. Frixion pens. Certain types are difficult to find in Canada. Most of my Frixion pens are bought from Amazon and come here from Japan. I feel like it’s necessary for a good erasable pen. Can you even blame me? Pens are important!

What is the moral of this story? Go to Winners. Check out their beauty aisle periodically and see what they have going! Secondary moral? Buy some Frixion pens because they are THE BEST.

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14 thoughts on “Epic Beauty Finds at Winners”

  1. There’s been a lot of great stuff at Winners lately. I found the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette at Winners last week! For $30! Inside a lock box and not messed with! 😀 I also picked up a couple of Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows.
    What’s with Jaclyn Hill and premature releases? 😆 Glad you snagged the Becca palette and ended up liking it.
    Hmm I’ve not seen pens at the Winners around me – I’ll have to check. The best stationery scores from Winners were Orla Kiely notebooks.

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      1. Guess what? I found the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate palette at Winners today. $25. Bought it (yeah for someone who doesn’t like palettes, what the heck am I doing?) They also had the Too Faced Natural Matte palette ($20) but I passed on that one.
        They also had a lot of Gucci and Burberry items but in odd colours.
        No pens though… I snooped around the front thoroughly.

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      2. I just went back today and same thing, they had tons of Too Faced products, I’m so sad that they are getting rid of the semi sweet… like of all the things to get rid of get rid of bon bons lol


  2. I need to stop by TJ Maxx again sometime soon (maybe next week after I get paid). Last few times I didn’t find anything or it’s all been manhandled (eww), but once in awhile something pops up.

    Oh and I’m so over Jaclyn Hill and her drama. I saw the videos where her fellow YouTube friends were all reviewing the palette and you could see some shadows were not blending well and then saying “Well it’s not THAT bad and you get what you pay for.” For $15 a palette (or what, $60 for all… 4?), that’s a LOT for some people. I’d rather spend my money on something that has consistent quality. Oh and did you see Crown Brush recently came out with a palette that looks JUST like her Morphe one? Crown does all of Morphe’s private labeling. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did Jaclyn’s palette too, because I seriously doubt she spent time coming up with her own eyeshadow formula and her own special way of pressing the shadows.


    1. I totally agree about JH. It’s getting to be a bit of a joke. I feel like every time she’s getting some bad press or heat, morphs slaps her name on something. Like after the becca drama and she threw them under the bus I was like nah man, you don’t get to reap the benefits and take the credit and then when shit goes down hill throw your hands up and act like you weren’t involved


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